Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cyber Stalking Gets You Nowhere...Fast

While strolling through the aisles of Beans & Co., I stumbled upon a blog that seems to belong to Beans' mysterious uncle: the one who likes to gum babies heads, finds amazingness on Youtube (that Amanda passes on to me to make me laugh when I am down), and seemingly has really cool taste in blogs and sites.

I was glancing through his sadly neglected blog (after carefully deducing that it is Beans' uncle) and found this site. Oh my Love and Betsy! It is amazing.

This site is from a photographer, named Bill Wadman, who posted a picture every day for 365 days. Some of the pictures are of really cool people (like her, him) and some just regular cool people...and his work is amazing!

Ugh, I want to take pictures like that someday...okay I want a decent lens someday as well...so maybe one can beget the other...when I win the lottery.

But one interesting aspect of the site is that each person has their name, a description of themselves, job, and the location of the shot.

I, in my vain narcissistic self, asked myself (we, narcissists, often talk to ourselves...being the best people around to talk to), "What would my title/description be?" and "What do I want it to be?"

Awhile ago, I was joking with someone that I needed a business card that said:

The Roaming Southerner
blogger-graphic designer-Pox Free Since 2008

and while that is a good start, that obviously can't be it. Can it?
It is like trying to write your eulogy or what you want to be buried in?

Some of the people are called Sasstastic or Bon Vivant or Astronaut (okay that is only Buzz Aldrin), but I still have no idea how I want to be described.

Loved- yeah, that sounds good
Hilarity on a Stick- awesome I'll take that label
Ex Tomboy- that fits
Mom-to-all- My brothers and some friends would say so
Adventurer- No, that is KW's thing
Ostrich- KW calls me that because I hate Schindler's List and bad things like genocide and perms.
Blindly Faithful- yup, that sounds like me. I just trust in life, God, people.

I don't think I want to be labeled anything plain: Wife, Daughter, Non profit slave...I want some vibrancy. I was plain in HS in an attempt to blend in...NO MORE!

What do you want to be labeled? Anything you don't want to be labeled?


Thomas said...

hiya. thanks for the e-props and such.

i totally had your comment published and whatnot then i remembered that mom o beans mom doesn't know about her blogging ways and we don't want her asking questions that need not be answered.

it is neglected yes. i've made mental attempts to start it up again but it's just not taking.

K Rée said...

I think this calls for another application of "cheap and awesome"... man! that thing has legs!

amanda said...

hope the above comment makes sense from my beloved brother...

it's a long story.

but i think your label should be something about your coolness :)

and pretty sure it should include something about tranny day glo pumps?

Belle-ah said...

Love this post...but I must ask, when you talk to yourself do you say, "Self...."? or do you have some other very cool narssistic name? LOL (((hugs)))

McMommy said...

Ok, did anyone else notice that amanda's brother writes in all lowercase too????

I wonder why they got to be hatin' on the CAPS??!!

Carol said...

Cracking up that you grouped genocide and perms together. I think they may well be a first.

Elaine A. said...

I would hope the words "good," "mother," "wife," and "friend" might be in my label.

Your "pox free" thing cracked me up! HA!

Shannon said...

Cool - small world . . . that is a great site, I'm so glad I clicked on it. Great pictures for sure! I laughed at "pox free" too!

The White House said...

What a fantastic site! My description would be: Tyne White, the one who wishes I photographed like Bill Wadman...

Simply Shannon said...

Cool site! No clue at all what I would want for my label. I'm going to have to keep thinking about that one.