Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Going Going...Back Back

I am out of here internet peeps! And I will miss you dearly.
But as I promised, I have lined up some premo entertainment while I'm away...

Even better than that lame and crazy assistant cruise director who loves hearing you say his name, you know who you are Edwin.

So here is your mid-week entertainment line up!

Wednesday on the Ledo Deck: I've got my girl, McMommy, guest posting. However, I have no idea what she is going to say. She will give me no hints. And I am petrified. Will she scare away all three of my readers!??! DON'T DO IT MCMOMMY! I'm only one measely blogger!

Thursday at the Neptunes Lounge: I have stolen one of my best friends (from real life) and big sister (from sorority) away from the Mommyhood: Granola Girl. And again, I have no idea what she will say. I promise you that if she wanted to, it could be full of crazy embarassing stories of me. But knowing how sweet she is...I'm sure it will be nice and knowing how funny she is...you might want to be wearing your Depends--just warning ya!

Yes, I have coaxed some of the greatest (in my mind) mommmy bloggers out of their mini-van shaped safe haven of wiping and whining...so I may come back to the internet on Friday to see crushed cheerios in the floor mat and questionable goos on the windows (not to mention they can mention all sorts of naughty things to make my google search go crazy!).

But do come by and leave lots of comments about how much you love me...I mean THEM!


Kiss My Tiara said...

Haha it's ok if you don't like Dave, I totally understand the ex-boyfriend relation to music and I think it's ok if you don't like Dave :) Have a great trip!!

amanda said...

happy and safe travels friend :)

miss you already!!

Curtis said...

You shouldn't hate against the daddy bloggers out there, Alex. We have feelings and opinions too!

Be safe!