Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My husband is sillier than your 3 year old

So in my eternal quest to prove that my 27 year-old husband is sillier than a 3 year old, may I present Silly Item, #2, into Evidence, your honor. (wow, I need to stop hanging out with future lawyers).

KW loves to eat...but he loves to eat A LOT and cheap. There is a story that is legen.....wait for it unless your lactose intolerant...dary involving a lovely establishment named Roy's in Maryland.

KW heard about their crazy sandwiches and had to try it out. Check out down the menu for the Bender Schmender (here is the description):

86. THE BENDER SCHMENDERTM (The One and Only 5-Decker Club.)
Corn beef, turkey, roast pork, chicken liver pate & golden brisket with lettuce, tomato, golden sauce & a psychiatric appointment 23.05

I lost my picture of him with it but let me paint a picture, when it came out it involved cowbells, gongs, a roman ladder carried by 2 men, a sign, and a crowd of is a shot of another guy with it:

KW loved it so much...we came back 3 more times while we were in DC.

But he has learned of something greater on Food Network: the Primanti Bros. Resteraunt of Pittsburgh. KW wants to go and tackle that beast of sandwich so bad he can already taste it....mmmm, taste like heart disease. But never being one to not support my husband even in his crazy dreams, I told him we can go. This has what started the silliness. KW has given me a new nickname:


yes, it is kinda like Primanti Brothers, but this way sounds funnier and always makes me laugh. Seriously you can't say POO-MAN-TEE without a giggle, even from this jaded girl.

So there you are folks, ridiculous and meaningless nicknames is one more reason my husband is sillier than a three year old.


trying said...

Oh thats disgusting, how can someone eat all that. My husband is also fascinated by that kinda stuff. Thankfully he lives that out when he's on the road so I dont have to be a part of it. I'm ok with him living that fun without me!

ps i linked your blog in my blogroll I hope you dont mind.

GranolaGirl said...

ya'll are too silly... did he eat the the Beacon much growing up? That's a heart attack waiting to happen (and my dad loves it)

btw I LOVE you beautiful Easter table! You did a great job!

MCmommy said...

Are you talking about the Pittsburger sandwich from Primanti..the one that has the fries IN the sandwich??

There is actually a Primanti Brothers in our neck of the woods! It stays open 24 hours a day...even during hurricanes! Seriously, there are no locks on the front door.

Anonymous said...

Dude! The bender schmender!!! I was so there for one of these visits! -PG

Leigh said...

HAve mercy! Cruse you for not having a actual oic of him with it. I would love to see that. Did he eat the whole thing? Surely not, unless there was a trip to the john to bring it around for a second time.
Sounds like a fun trip!

The Roaming Southerner said...

I can safely say that KW ate the whole thing with no problem. There was the night of All You Can Eat Prime Rib that was unbelievable. 5 steaks and the only thing that brought him down was that he was tired of the taste. Silly boy.

Leigh said...

I'll bet he was on the pot all night. Man my husband would be in such awe.