Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Laughing At Work

Okay, work is crazy and I have never been a good at home blogger. Yes, Curtis, I blog during lunch and when sitting on the phone for hours listening to a dial tone. I admit it. But before I head into my morning meeting...I wanted to leave you with this:

I know Mariah too early in the morning is harsh but this makes me laugh every time.

CK Trivia:
1.) Who is the Uber-fabulous designer/stylist to Mariah? (4 pts.)
2.) Who is Mariah's new husband? (2 pts.)
3.) What MTV show did she famously strip down for? (2 pts.)
4.) What is Mariah's alter ego name? (2 pts.)
5.) How big of a diva is Mariah? (best/most creative answer gets 20 pts.!)


Wendi said...

2. Nick Cannon
3. Total Request Live
4.Not sure, but I do remember she was called Mirage in High School because she was never in class.
5. She flies her dog everywhere first class, travels with 11 bodyguards,a makeup artist, a stylist, a body makeup artist and 100 pairs of shoes and expects Egyptian bed sheets and a red carpet on arrival at her hotel.... And she has someone at her beck and call to wipe her hinney. Okay, the last statement was just for drama, but the rest: all. true!

The Roaming Southerner said...

Correct on number 2
no on number 3 and 4. But I will give you a point about the fun fact of being called Mirage in HS!

Curtis said...

She stripped for Cribs. A great episode where she had a different outfit on in every room.

Her nickname is Mimi.

She's such a diva that she thought that marrying Nick Cannon would make him a star. Sorry, it ain't working.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Correct on both, Curtis...and great reason why she is the biggest diva.

Having a week old baby agrees with your trivia skillz.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Wow! I've never gotten here when there were unanswered questions! I'll attempt:

1. I think the name is Kesh (short for Kesshia or something like that)

2. On a recent trip to London she had an insane list of demands. Like the Claridge where she was staying (and booked every luxury suite) make one of those suites into a private gym (worth about
$20K). She requested a non-stop supply of nuts and olives, as that's all she's eating these days. She had an almost $100K antique table flown over for her CD signing and then sat atop a "throne" worth about $2K for said signing and surrounded herself with butterflies and roses. Then, after partying all night, she cancelled an AM interview last minute claiming she's not a morning person. Finally, she reportedly wants complete control over all tv and radio interview and demands that they be pre-recorded so she can cut out the bits she doesn't like. Oh - one more I forgot. She demands a constant supply of straws because she'll only sip her fruit juice through a straw. I'm guessing one of her entourage holds the straw too.

Awww Mimi, you are TOO much!

The Roaming Southerner said...

I believe Kesh is an assistant...the stylist I am looking for is SUPER FAMOUS! and was heavily featured in a couple of videos and her MTV day in the life of Mariah.

Simply Shannon said...

No clue who the stylist is...but that video was hysterical!

McMommy said...


I stink at it.

amanda said...

not fair. pretty sure you aren't allowed to do trivia when i am out of town!!

but the video - sooo funny!!

The Roaming Southerner said...

The stylist is Andre Leon Talley...editor at large for Vogue and friend and stylist to Mariah. There was a "week in the life of Mariah" where he did nothing but pick out clothes for every 5 min. Her rentry as Mimi. He also is in a lot of her videos as her main entorage.