Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Investments

So, KW has handcuffed me to the TV to watch the All Star Game. Don't worry, my captor is humane and gave me control over the laptop.

I know, somehow I am cool with the NBA Draft Night but this is seriously the most mind numbing thing on TV. I would rather watch Wipeout, it is that bad.


I was cruising my blogroll, while I had the following conversation with KW:

KW: Hey did you hear that?
Me, devoted wife: Uh huh, that is cool...
KW: What is cool?
Me: baseball, right?
KW: NO! They just said George Steinbrenner bought Yankees stadium for $10 million and it is now worth $1 Billion
Me, still glazed over: That is a good investment
KW: We should do that.
Me, now alert cause this is totally something he would want to do: Yeah, but he had to put a lot of money into it, right?
KW: sure but it is worth it
Me, slightly alarmed but still laughing too hard at blogs: But they are tearing it down...so it is obviously not worth it...shoddy craftsmanship
KW: Don't worry I won't try and purchase a baseball field for investment purposes
Me, mollified with eyes never leaving the computer screen: Promise?
KW: Yeah, but I did see a golf course in SC for $1 Million
Me: Well, that is okay...wait WHAT!?!

Never talk to husband while blogging...bad things could happen.

Thankfully, I saw some change in the dryer earlier so we are set for a down payment, don't worry

KW just informed me that he bought the YANKEES not the building...duh!


Erin said...

That is too funny! I tried talking on the phone to hubby while blogging, and he totally caught me..."Erin, you're preoccupied, want me to let you go?" Nope, I'm just listening to you ha ha!

trying said...

Wow if you look under the couch for more change then you could seriously by a golf course. No problemo right?

I love me some yankees and some baseball but the all star game just doesnt do it for me. At the flyboy house we are just counting down to football season. Really I think flyboy would settle for high school football right now.

Amber said...

BWHWHWHWHWAHAHA. The two of you remind me of my hubby and me. In all the worst ways, of course. :-)