Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my precious...(yes, insert Gollum voice here)

So I posted about this eons ago. But I wanted to let you all know about my undying love and devotion to one special inanimate object: Natural Ice Cherry Chapstick.

Not only is this the best Lip Balm EVER. It has SPF and tingles wonderfully when applied. When I got my first tube, I do not remember. But I fell in love instantly. I am sure I stumbled onto it while doing something adventurous like shopping for hair ties in 6th grade. Immediately after my love was ignited, I realized that I could not find any more. I probably dropped/lost it somewhere 3 days later and desperate for a reunion I realized that nowhere near me sells this magic.

I created a massive search in every drugstore, grocery store, convenient store, department store, in house, and outhouse in the tri-state state area (name that movie, people!). And still no luck.

Months later, my youngest brother went on a trip (out west), and he came upon a box at a ski lodge (of course they would be there, its perfect when you are skiing). Having gone on a lot of the search with me (he was 12 and at the mercy of his driving-aged sister), he sent me several glorious tubes which I cherished. But then through the course of time, I used or lost them all.

Then came the next statewide search. I found the yucky mint kind: NO GOOD. I emailed the company who assured me that this product was located at my local CVS or Walgreens (LIARS!). So I was going to the gas station one day with no thoughts of Natural Ice on my mind (I had already switched to Burts Beeswax, which is good but it is no Natural Ice). And there on the checkout counter was a boot* full of Cherry flavored Natural Ice. I cleaned them out. Finally, two years later I ran out. I was devastated. Someone mentioned using drugstore.com, and I couldn't have typed fast enough. AND JOY OF JOYS they had it! I ordered 20 of them, delivered to my door and it was worth every red cent. They are now spread out in between my purses, coats, and drawers at home and the office. And thankfully, I will know where to go when I run out again.

*the boot wasn't an actual used, leather boot it was an acrylic "show" boot...I don't know what it had to do with Natural Ice though.

To show my commitment to My Favorite Things Swap hosted by Wendi, I actually gave up my last in the package tube of Cherry Natural Ice. Without looking up to order more, that is just the sort of selfless person I am....and humble too.

*Parts of this post was reused from a post on July 27, 2006...fun times!


Curtis said...

I've used Natural Ice before and I guess that it is pretty good. But in my opinion it is nothing but an imitation of the original Chapstick. The tried and true heavyweight of lip balms. I've had a stick in my pocket ever since I became addicted in 11th grade. Sure, Chapstick has permanently damaged my lips' ability to moisturize on their own and given me a need to lube up every 30 minutes. But I don't hold that against them. I love you, Chapstick, and can't go anywhere without a stick of the dark blue spf or light blue medicated. I've tried others, including a $8 tube from Aveda(!), and Chapstick is the one for me.

amanda said...

i have the same obsession with the pale blue medicated chapstick. i can't find it ever and then i stumble upon it and buy it in bulk!!

pretty sure i wouldn't have been that selfless with my swap buddy - but you are a nicer person than me :)

Liz said...

Would that be Tommy Lee Jones's line from the Fugitive?

The Roaming Southerner said...

HAHAHA Liz, you got it!