Friday, September 05, 2008

Mom envy

There are many things that I could be envious of all moms: squishy, sweet smelling babies...someone to smother with love, mold minds, shape lives..blah blah blah.

But what am I most envious about: the constant hilarious stories to blog about.

This morning's hilarity came from one of my co-workers.
I have many wonderful co-workers at my office. One, however, holds the title of MOST HILARIOUS.

Sarah came into work a little late today, so we knew that there was going to be a story surrounding that.

::background on Sarah::
She is a tiny, expressive redhead from Minnesota. She is married to a Portuguese man and they have created the most wonderful--CRAZY BABY.

::background on CRAZY BABY::
Crazy Baby got her name when I asked Sarah, "So, how is your baby?" (This was her first week and I only knew that she had a baby.) Sarah's response: Crazy...hence the name CRAZY BABY. In case you were wondering...CRAZY BABY is more of a toddler age.

CRAZY BABY definitely has earned her name.

This morning crazy baby was in fine form demanding popcorn for breakfast in her half-Portuguese way...well Sarah was not feeding her baby popcorn for the morning so she would shove some scrambled eggs in her mouth when she would moan Paaaaaaaaaahhhhhp-Cooooooooooooooooohhrn.

To make her mother pay for the egregious sin of not giving her popcorn, CRAZY BABY spite-vomited all over her mother and couch.

She evidently does this regularly.

After telling the story, Sarah began shaking her head and mumbling things about birth control.

And while the story is less funny in written form (without Sarah's comedic faces and timing), it goes to show one more thing mom's have that we non-mom's don't...hilarious stories.

Do you have any of these? I would love to hear them.


Pam said...

Wow. I have a TON of good stories about the craziness of my kiddo's. For almost all of them go check out my blog. BUT- for now I will share this one with you. A year or so ago, my (then) 3 year old and I were driving to daddy's work when she saw some livestock on the side of the road. She yelled! "Momma! Its a cow! Cow's pee milk." I smile at her in the rear view mirror and say, "Is that so?" and she said, "Yes. And Horses pee Nemonade (lemonade) and orange juice."

Now- come breakfast time tommorrow tell me you won't be thinking of this story? Happy POW!

The Ben Show said...

I think I'm going to steal the term "spite vomiting" - that is just good lingo...

Carol said...

Yep the kiddo's provide an endless stream of hilarity tis true!

The Mrs. said...

Yes, yes they are good for the stories. But I just had to put my hand in the toliet to grab some shiny object (of course after he peed) and yesterday I had to stick my hand in a SAM's trashcan.

So while I have funny stories. Your probably cleaner then I my friend.

Wendi said...

Oh the stories I could tell.

When do you have a free weekend?

It. could. take. a. while.

The Microblogologist said...

This is why I contemplated waiting to start a blog until after I procreated! Oh well, I have a niece and godson that can give me some blog fodder until I find a guy to trick into marrying me and knocking me up, haha.


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