Friday, September 26, 2008

Is your Momma a Llama and are you Emu?

So, I have told you all about my family:

We like to nickname EVERYTHING.

mine from my family, mine from KW, how this is passed on by my dad, how everyone I know gets a nickname sooner or later, that includes my dog.

My brother's new fiance (well it isn't like he had an old one, but she is new to us!)

Lots of stuff about my dad.

But I realized there is so much more blogging fodder in my family that has remained untapped: my mom.

First off let me say, my mom is great. We did not always get along great, but we are very much alike and well...we are awesome.

And there are many stories I can and will share about my mom, but I thought I would regale you with a tale from my last trip home:

Background: My mom read the book "Is your Momma a Llama?" to my brother when he was younger. Now, I don't really remember the text of the book, but I think it goes something like this: A baby llama goes around the forest/woods and asks to other baby animals, "Is your momma a llama?" To which the baby animal runs to its mother and says, "No, my momma is a ______!" And for some reason we picked up on this, and one of us would ask in a sweet voice, "Is your Momma a Llama?" someone would answer in a BIG DEEP VOICE "NO, MY MOMMA IS A BEAR!"

Back to the story: I came home from Michigan two weeks ago with dark nail polish. Now, I haven't painted my fingernails in 12 years and have no idea why I decided to but this is what it looked like.

So, I expected my mom to say "Take that ugly polish off right now." Instead she commented on how she can't remember the last time she saw my nails painted a color. However, at lunch the next day my mom and brother are whispering as I sat down and I said, "What!?!" My brother looks at me and says, "Are you being Emu now?" "Huh?" "You know, dark and whiney and angsty-pseudo goth!" I stared at my mom and she said, "Yeah, why are you being emu?"

I busted out laughing with: "It is EMO, you freaks. I am not being EMO. Nor an Emu"
to which my brother digs into his salad and mumbles, "well your momma is a llama."

yes, we are that ridiculous. Oh and remind me to tell you next time the story when my mother called my brother a son of a b*tch in a heated argument...(think about it for a minute)


Curtis said...

Good story. Reminds me of the time when I was teaching a Western Civ class to college students and we were studying the Germanic tribes/barbarians that fought against Rome. Well, when we were discussing the Visigoths, I said that they wore all black, white makeup and painted their nails. I thought it was pretty funny but no one laughed. They were either all asleep, hungover or just stupid. It was probably a mixture of all three.

The Mrs. said...

I saw your title and had to laugh. Lama Lama Mad at Mama (and lama lama red pajama) books are very popular in our house. Dash-1 is now referring to me as his "lama mama". Glad to see I'm not alone in my lama love. : )

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Love it! your family sounds like mine, you emu!

The Microblogologist said...

Lol, people made fun of me because for the longest time I called them emus, I knew it was emo but for whatever reason it always came out emu.


ms. mindless said...

just discovered your blog today. i teach first grade and my class is obsessed with is your mama a llama!

Wendi said...

What a fun family you have!
Even if your mama is a llama!