Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm not Mad

Hey Blog,
I just wanted to let you know that I am not mad at you, dear blog. Stop shooting me accusatory glares. Also, there is no reason for you to get all dramatic and accuse me of being angry or having some made up reason to hate you.

I could never hate you. We are besties, remember?

Yeah, so you wouldn't accept my kick-ass video from my mom's house. I'm not upset about that, it just was a lot of work and I didn't feel like posting for awhile after that. You know how that goes.

Also, I have been working a lot, being on the road is hard for this blogger. It makes me want to drink, not blog. And we both know that blogging and drinking should never be done together.

I am back to my normalish routine is getting more "normal" as well. So hopefully we will be able to spend loads of time, talking, whispering secrets, braiding each others hair...

Please accept my apology and stop sending threatening messages to me about how I will lose all my bloggy friends if I don't spend more quality time with you. They are good people, blog, they wouldn't desert me, right?

Take it easy...I'll be seeing you around,
Roaming Southerner


the ben show said...

Yay, welcome back.

amanda said...

hi there stranger :)

not losing me friend - still here!!

Simply Shannon said...

I'd never leave you hangin like that.

McMommy said...

Everyone WATCH OUT because I'm about to faint......

TRS HAS POSTED??????!!!!

(I'd say more but it's hard to type when you are laying on the floor because you fainted.)

Cita Online said...
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Anonymous said...

MADE MY DAY to see you had posted. Welcome back. And no hard feelings.


The Mrs. said...

sometimes ya just need a break. dammit if life doesnt take over every once in a while.

Buffalo Betty said...

Miss you. That's all. K thanks, bye.