Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ShopLifting at Lifelong Playdate

I have shoplifted this idea from Amanda at Lifelong Playdate: she is the queen of randomness.

6 Random Things about me.

1.)I have recently discovered and love Korean food. I love spicy food and KW loves trying new things. This is a good overview of different things on most Korean restaurants. Kimchi is divine. Bokkum and BiBimBap is good too.

2.)I am sporting suspenders today ala. Katherine Hepburn and Annie Hall (a new fashion look for me driven from my pants without belt loops being too big).

3.)My A/C is out and I am about to die. Yes, it is 65 degrees here, but I only sleep well when I am cold. And leaving the window open has not been cutting it. And no one rushes to fix it when the weather is so nice. STBOOTS! They would never leave someone without A/C.

4.)I am playing Bingo tonight at the school and I might actually get to be a caller. We had the worst/best one on our cruise ship. I might try to outdo him. Or I'll puss out and just say B...B....2...B2.

5.)I have never been to a dance club, and I think that should be remedied. But it is also cause I am listening to some Usher on Pandora. I can dance, but I'm not so sure about how I would do at a club. I have a feeling I would turn into the typical white girl sway under pressure.

6.)I think I might have a problem with the TV. When some office mates were talking about which new fall shows they watch, I was saying, "Oh I love that, Oh I saw that, Oh yeah that was good..." Then one of them realized, "Uhm, have you watched everything?" Yes, yes I do. It is either that or watch KW study. What Would You Do? Heck, even Jesus would say, "turn it Gossip Girl, homes."


amanda said...

yay for shoplifting :)

*suspenders?? shut up really?

that's all i got. i am just kinda speechless!!

Kate said...

My roommates last year were Korean and they always made the most awesome food!

Simply Shannon said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one who watches every tv show in existence.

Anonymous said...

How great that your pants are too big on you - and you need to wear suspenders! Congrats on the weight loss!

Re: dance club. Juan and I have great plans to go to danceRevolution sometime, either for a Wednesday night merengue class or Saturday night "Salsa Dance Party". Or, both! You and KW are always welcome to join :)

We'll do our best to prevent the white girl sway.


thebenshow said...

I can relate on the fall shows - Not as much since Ben arrived, but I still love me some shows. I am newly obsessed - OB-SESSED - with the show Bones. I just started watching all the back episodes on-line.

B-t-dubs -LOVE the suspenders. And get thee to a dance club "homes" - you HAVE to.

amanda said...

ok i take it back...

the suspenders look AMAZING!!

seriously i had no idea how adorable you would make them!! for real honey - you look awesome :)

ps - can you take me shopping??

K Rée said...

You were an awesome Edwin-Channeling Caller... I loved it! Thanks for all your support!!!

I have a T-shirt for you because our prizes suck, although you were phenomenal!!