Friday, July 14, 2006

So Everyone has had a Bad Boss

Since I am going to see the new Devil Wears Prada movie soon with the greatest Dintern known to man (date to be determined), I thought I'd reread the book. I started reflecting on all of my bosses, the good...the bad...and the ugly. My devil from work was no where near the diva of the book or Naomi Campbell, but he (yes HE) could give them a run for thier money. Here is the latest story of a Naomi-ex-assistant dredging up old war stories.

Naomi Campbell finds new ways to hurt assistants

Naomi Campbell is being sued again by a third former assistant who claims she was subjected to "verbal, physical and emotional attacks." The assistant was 19 at the time and is seeking unspecified damages for "assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, reckless infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment." The suit claims Campbell struck her in the face with her Blackberry, slammed her against a wall, and slapped her repeatedly across the face because a piece of her luggage got left behind during a trip to Brazil. Additionally, Campbell threw a cell phone at her face during a subsequent outburst at the model's New York apartment. Another charge claims Campbell got pissed during an April 2005 photoshoot in Morocco over some forgotten clothing and left her assistant stranded in Morocco without money, tore up her passport and threw it into the swimming pool, and left her to pay the hotel bill. Lastly, at Campbell's Park Avenue home she ripped a sweater her assistant was wearing "off her neck" and accused her of stealing it.
Any diva can throw a phone at their assistant, but it takes a maniacal genius like Naomi Campbell to tear up their passport and leave them stranded in another country. How are people still agreeing to work for her? I hear one time she dangled an assistant above a tank of sharks until they were crying and admitted they stole a pair of jeans, and then she pretended to let them down but instead punched a hole through their face and threw them away in the garbage. True story.
Halfway through the story I thought, "Doesn't everyone have a boss that inflicts some sort of emotional damage? Does this mean I can sue my mean bosses? Or at least make them pay to keep me medicated? Where is this going to lead? Someone makes me cry and now I can sue for emotional damages. Awesome! Lets all sue!
But none of my bosses left me in a foriegn country with no way out and no maybe my life isn't that bad.


GranolaGirl12 said...

So, how was the movie? I'd SO love to see it with you.

spurgelicious said...

now...normally, i feel for the abused and mistreated...but when it comes to this...naomi and miranda priestly are my heros! they should make a show out of these stories..."true fools, and the idiots who continue to work for them!"

p.s. do you think anyone will ever refer to us as maniacal? that's such a great word.

Anonymous said...

I'm the greatest Dintern! lalalalalala