Friday, July 28, 2006

Feel Good Friday

So I am now participating in "Feel Good Friday," which is supported by the lovely ladies at Diva Spot. Its a fun blog to browse.

What is making me feel good this Friday?:

My office is hosting a farewell lunch for me and my cubemate Melissa, and they are serving CHICK-FIL-A. This fast food haven is Atlanta born and southern based. They have a Christian based mission and is a truely amazing organization (I will have to espouse the virtues of Chick-fil-a later...lets just say: I did a masters essay on it-its that good). To round things out (mainly my bum)...I had Chick-fil-A last night because we are trying to savor the last vestiges of Southerness that we can (even though DC is not the south). Where we live in DC is the closest the area has to Chick-fil-A and since there is not one in Ann Arobr..THE CLOSEST ONE IS IN OHIO!, I am savoring the deliciousness that is Chick-fil-A while I can. I have strategically placed pictures to make you drool.

*Chi-Chi-Lay was one of my first words-thats how much I love this stuff!

What makes me feel good this Friday: Chick-fil-A!


Lea said...

At least Ohio holds it down with some delicious waffle fries and fried chicken-y heaven.

DivaP said...

Thanks for participating in FGF! I would be so happy if we had Chic-fil-A in New England. Little P sees it all the time on PBS and wants to go! Maybe we'll make a stop when we are vacationing down south in August!

EB said...

Mmmmm. . . sounds like a lovely belated birthday gift! We'll get Chick-fil-A to you one way or another. . . we will triumph!