Thursday, July 13, 2006

Introducing the Husband: KW

Blogging Name: KW
Birthplace: Riverside, CA
Heritage: German and Irish (but he only likes to claim the German side). His family is from Buffalo, NY so there is a bit of Yankee in him events his family now resides in Greenville, SC
Age: 26 (I often mess this up and think he is a year younger)
Likes: Hard work and hardworking people, his family, the NBA (I know, its horrible but I love him inspite of it), doing things (esp. if it is free), exploring, sports in general, being quiet in crowds and noisy with just the two of us, and Food and lots of it (esp. if it is cheap).
Dislikes: Laziness, expensive food at small portions, people who hate Catholics, not being appreciated, and doing nothing.

This picture was taken by our friend Dave, who accompanies us on many of our adventures, when we went to this crazy sandwich place in Gaithersburg, MD called Roy's. KW is consuming the Bender Schmender with is 5-HUGE layers of meat. That picture is only showing half of the sandwich and one person. It was originally carried out by 5-6 people with cow bells and whistles...KW was in hog-heaven. More about his eating feats later.

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