Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do you want to be a Diva?

brought to you by Spurgeon Preston Smith
What is the Appeal of Being a Diva?

With our drama-filled and drama-lovin' culture, are people finding an appeal to being maniacal (great word, Spurge-pictured Right) and downright nasty. When I was in drama (and not hiding in the lighting booth), I loved playing the wicked characters. Its fun to be someone without morals in a made up situation. But I pose this first food of thought...are people treating our world more like a made up situation, a place without consequences, and the people in it as meaningless. If you were/are a diva, then you would answer, "duh!" Thanks for the food for thought, Spurge.


EB said...

There is a certain sick appeal to being a diva, i think. And I think that with increased opportunity to "invent new personalities" via the internet, webhosting, etc. helps that. I read a book just recently called "Interpersonal Divide". It was about how we live more and more in a state of simultaneous realities. We can have a conversation with someone in the "real world" meanwhile talking on a cell phone (or text messaging, or checking voice mail, etc.), and surfing the internet (chatting, emailing, blogging, webhosting, etc.). It's as if we are in three separate but distinct realities at any given moment. In any of these venues we can choose to be someone different entirely- a personality playground of sorts. After a while, the "real world" could actually become a place that seems just as virtual as our virtual worlds (where people seem less real, and more separated from your immediate reality). So, are people treating our world more like a made up situation? I think yes! Simply because we now have this ability to be multiple people in multiple "worlds" if we choose to do so. SCARY!

spudaddy said...

Oh, you gals are waaaayyyyy to serious. You should learn to be more shallow. Here's what I want you to do:
1. get a pen an pad.
2. write down five things you want to accomplish in the next year.
3. then, scratch them all out, and look at clothes online.

It works!

- Spurgeon

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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