Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The friends that every one needs

I have been thinking alot lately about what I need to survive. And my friends definately qualify as a survival necessity (see my dark time when I first moved to DC with no friends). But even though you move away from friends, the good ones will still be there. These friends make it into the FRIENDS HALL OF FAME! So here are the people I think people need in there life:

Definition: The one you know will be there even if you insult them, laugh at them, are sad, bad, and mad. They may not know it, but just being able to live with you with no buffer...makes them up for sainthood.
Powers: Able to make you laugh out of a bad mood, knowing what irks you, knowing how to calm you down, and able to make you happy with a simple hand on the back.
Downfall: Not understanding IT, whatever IT maybe...but loves you anyway.

Definition: That one friend, who can travel with you, go to exciting places with you, hang out with you, cry with you. She's the do-all-friend.
Powers: Being amazingly excited and happy for you! No matter what it is about. Spurring you on to greatness, she is the one who thinks you can do anything and will be your cheerleader and your muse.
Downfall: Being as cool as she is, She's very in demand to be everybody's EB, and will probably be doing the amazing things that make her EB.

The Big Sister
Definition: Whether it is your actual big sister, or the big sis in your sorority, or just someone who seems like your big sister, every girl needs someone who is their role model and looks out for them.
Powers: Knows things years (or 18 months) ahead of you and readily passes down this information. Presents a seemingly perfect model of what you want to be like without seeming too good. Makes you feel special simply because she loves you. Knowing what you are thinking from 100s of miles away.
Downfall: Having a smartypants husband who makes her move away!
(to be continued...)


GranolaGirl12 said...

You are too much! Oh dear now I'm crying. I love you and think you're the best :-)

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