Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Streams of Thoughtciousness

To steal from Amanda, I thought I'd give you some random thoughts because my week has been so crazy...I am not sure coherent sentences will come out.

*I know I told you that my boss is leaving, but this has been particularly hard for me. I love my boss. He is the perfect amalgam of what a boss, a mentor, and a father should be. I used to joke with a coworker that he is like my dad but we both behave around each other (no fights, snide remarks, stop trying to control my life-teenage history)--it is nice. So, it hit me like a ton of bricks (that is a pretty good emotional picture for me) that he was leaving.

*With his departure, my job-that I love-was created to only be over sought by my boss is now in peril. Now I am not going to lose my job (there will be too much to do with my boss gone), but my job will not be the same. I may be sent to another department or shuffled somewhere. And this sucks too, because I was really looking forward to what this year will bring.

*Some Good/Bad things--I may end up having to travel less, which is less time away from KW and Pens but it will short cut the TRS-magical-mystery-tour. I may end up getting more responsibilities and promoted (but I hate responsibilities because they scare me)

*To top off a cracker jack week, I got threatened with a frivolous law suit by an angry parent. But at a law school you never joke about these things so it was not fun. It is resolved, I did nothing wrong, she just wanted to threaten and see what would happen. An elephant's heart medicine would not have brought down my blood pressure that day.

*KW is putting 18 more options on the pile of what he might do after graduation: Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, UCLA, NYC, and maybe even Atlanta (want to know which one scares me the most: Atlanta (UCLA is bad though, bad...I refuse to go...sorry). I am afraid of moving home because I don't want to move away after...and my rambling man husband might get itchy and that will suck to move again.

*My mom, who-like her daughter-does not always act well/give sound advice at first because she can't get over the hysteria, gave me some great advice: stop worrying, you can do nothing about any of this, and know that you are not in control of your life. God is and you have to put your faith in Him. I know all this is true but hearing it from my mom did wonders. Magic Mom Powers, huh? My mom also told me that she would spent weeks worrying about where I would go to Preschool because that would effect my entire life: development, high school prospects, college, career path, whether I hated her and moved away to Michigan. And she looks back and laughs because everything would have turned out the same (except the hate part of course)...she sees the paths looking back much clearer. And that made me feel better, safer..knowing my mom knows what I am going through and survived, nay thrived.

Yes that is right...Nay.

other more random thoughts:
*started running with a girlfriend in the morning (okay jogging....okay jogging a little while walking...okay mostly walking). Point being: my shoes are killing me. Anybody have suggestions on what kind of tennis shoes work good/don't give you blisters the size of Montana?

*I am getting excited about the fall TV lineup and for some reason really want to watch the Fringe...okay the reason is Pacey Whitter...but shut up.

*shockingly, I haven't killed my office plant and two church plants I care for. I think I drank some toxic waste and developed a super mutant power to conquer my purple thumb...cause this thing is rockin'

Sorry, for the random thoughts, but it felt good to get it off my chest. Especially the mutant powers. How can I use this power for evil?


the ben show said...

You HAVE had an eventful week. Thanks for making me laugh with Nay and Pacey Whittaker.

amanda said...

a) love the randomness

b) totally hate the thought of fringe but will of course watch it. awwww pacey be still my heart.

c) love that you have mutant powers

Buffalo Betty said...

Shoes- get fitted! Different brands suit different foot types. Do a gait analysis and have them recommend something once they've watched you. Usually there's no fee associated with it [but they're banking on you buying something :) ] And invest in some quality socks. They really do make a TON of difference.
Lovesya, your haha-I've-fooled-you-into-thinking-I'm-a-runner friend!

Erin said...

Good for you for runjolking! :) That is a mixture of what you said you were doing, as if you couldn't tell.

At least someone is losing weight and feeling great, cuase it certainly ain't me!

3boys247 said...

I was going to tell oyu the samething that Buffalo Betty said. Find a running store and go there, they will take care of the rest.

Congratualtions on starting to run. I love it.

My youngest starts his last year of preschool next week. I also worried about where to send the boys, I hope I made the right decision. HAHA

The Mrs. said...

My husband swears by New Balance, the old style gray geeky looking ones. Its the ones he wore in boot camp and that he runs in now and he racks up close to 10 miles a day, but he also swears to going to a running store and getting fitted. I on the other hand pick the ones that will look the cutest with my jeans and work out attire.

I can very much relate and understand the nervousness with not knowing what may come next and where you might end up. I dont ahve any words of wisdom on this, I just go where uncle sam tells me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Alex, what an awful lot of stuff to have going on and floating out there....! Yikes!

As far as the jogwalking (as we call it), we're also big advocates of the getting fitted thing. It's worth it in the long run. We also love New Balance, depending on the shoe, for running; we have for years.

For walking (and we mean kind of intense 2 or 3, maybe 4 miles a day or so) we have these big old Brooks shoes that give us lots of cushioning. Don't know if that helps but I hope so... also, I'm a big fan of the "10,000 Steps a Day" theory of walking your way to weight loss and better health; I wear a pedometer every day and also log my steps every single day on my desktop so I am looking at them every single day...it's helpful for me.

May the anxiety gods give you a break soon! We are sending good thoughts your way!