Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blogger: a testy love has been two days of waiting to see if Blogger loves me again from being away for so long. And it has reluctantly accepted me back into its life...for now.

The past few days have been full of talking to my mom until I am blue in the face...laughing with my brothers until my stomach hurt...and having a great time!

The only trouble has been my lil' Penny. She is not used to the space of a house or a yard or hard wood floors...and it has been not so much fun for her. The space is confusing to her...the hardwood slippery...and the yard...okay, that is fun!

KW and I are having fun not being at work and just hanging out with no plans.

Today my mom, dad, and my youngest brother is going with us to the Georgia Aquarium. It should be fun if for nothing else because my brother is sure to have a colorful commentary for everything.

Well, I need to run. There are 4 dogs here now, and they need lots of attention. Not to mention my office has been calling for information that I can't give them, and my mom is trying to cram 10 months of mother-daughter bonding in 6 days.

Sorry for my absence of can blame my finicky love, Blogger.

1 comment:

amanda said...

oh how my bloggy world is just not the same without you!!

i thought this was you. back. where you belong.

hope the rest of the vaca goes well - hurry home :)