Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why TRS is Quirky #2

I hate syrup, honey, molasses, or any other sticky liquid.

Now, I don't like having sticky hands (I mean, who does? Does someone out there really just love having gunky hands...eh, don't answer if they do...I enjoy my bubble). But I don't HATE sticky hands.

I came from my hatred of sticky liquids honestly.

When I was little, my parents shared the "getting up and make breakfast for the brats duty." My mom always prepared eggs and wheat toast with fruit. My dad always made orange rolls, cinnamon toast, and pop tarts (when mom wasn't around). My favorite was waffles. He would "cook" Eggos and ask each of us if we wanted "strips" or "pieces" and he would cut the to our exacting specification. Man, we felt special. I always had strips...I was a big kid...I didn't need pieces.

But I also had LONG LONG past my shoulder blades hair. So every time I would have syrup with my waffles, some how some way I ended up with syrup in my hair. Now, that is not tragic except that on school days this would mean a rush around the house, washing my hair, drying my hair, brushing my hair. And these were the two things I hated most: rushing around and messing with my hair. And lets face it you never are too gentle with hair when you are rushing around.

After awhile, I declared ENOUGH! I would forgo my syrup to keep my hair and sanity clean.

Now I hate the taste of any sticky liquid. It is too sugary and grainy and weird...and like some Psych 101 experiment I secretly fear that it will get in my hair.

Maybe this is always why I wear a ponytail. Ah, to be inside my head...
scary place.


Ashley said...

Wow, that is strange.....because I used to have quite the same problem, but with food in general! I had hair that I could sit on it was sooo long. My mom always had plenty of scrunchies in the kitchen for meals. I always had to have my hair tied up beacause it would end up either in my food, or I would somehow start to eat it. When I was 10, I got smart and had it cut to my shoulders, now I can eat normally!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, I love my quirky friend!

The Mrs. said...

I too hate syrup. Thats why the bad mom in me has yet to introduce my kids to it. And the little carmel packet that comes with the apple dippers, they dont know about those either.

The Mrs. said...
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Buffalo Betty said...

What?! How can you not love honey? Clover honey, orange blossom honey, any kind of honey- I could eat it by the spoonful! In fact, I think I'll have some right now... as soon as I pull my hair back.

p.s. My hair needs work too but not because of sticky liquids but because we're no longer roommates. Rather than pouring one for my homies (b/c I know you're cutting back), I still don't brush the back of my head. Lovesya!