Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas with TRS...part 2

After the kick butt cookie competition

We headed to Greenville for Christmas eve and morning with the in-laws

Here is K-dubs and his two sisters Val and Bev opening presents in the morning...I believe those are nail finishing tools. Sidenote: My SILs are a lot of fun, very silly, and always crazy. It is why we get along.

Actually, that is why we all get along and are family. Yup, that is the entire K-dubs clan. When I told them to be silly this is what I got. Please notice the small one in the front. His definition of "be silly" is to stick his butt out at the camera.

And this is Kdubs and his brother/best friend doing a prom style portrait. I love watching them regress to 7 year old boys together.

This is just a pic of the 6 kids and yes, my husband is sure showing why he is HOT.

With all of the families coming in and the going back and forth, I think we "celebrated" Christmas 5 times, which is exhausting to say the least. But we did have a great time getting to see everyone.


Krystyn said...

Looks like fun to me:)

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute pix Ms. Southerner! We are drooling over the cookies, especially the one you did with the Holly and Berries in the previous post!


Mrs. S said...

awww Love the photos!! Glad you had such a good christmas and that you have such good relationships with your in laws!

Belle said...

Just sitting here on this cold morning catching up on blog reading! So glad you had a fab Christmas - Happy New Year (a bit belated as well)!