Friday, December 12, 2008

New Office Friend

I mentioned on twitter a few days ago that I have made a new office friend.

She has been here for a few months, but with my travel we haven't really talked much. Then my friend (who works with her more closely) would have her talking in the hall and I would join them. Hilarity ensued.

Then I got the crazy idea to start visiting her office for a quick one liner or a was a bad idea because now I spend more time than I should "chewing the fat."

Let's just say that I see this a lot now:

It is a lot more fun than this:

but I look like this more now:

This is the cactus she inherited. I decorated it and named her Liza.

Here is some fun things about my new friend:
She is gigantic (even taller than me--which is RARE!)
She is one of three siblings (like me)
She is loud and expressive (completely different than me and my quiet, pensive self)
She is sarcastic (which, in case you didn't know, some people think I am as well)
She shares crazy fun stories about families (uh, my fav. thing to talk about)
She has great shoes
She drives a jeep
We both like Gilmore Girls, the Office, sports (she a bit more than me)

Needless to say I have a lot of fun hanging with her but I'm not sure if it is too soon to give her this:

But I did make her this:

and let me tell you...the idea to photoshop her cat wearing an eyepatch on her fake Christmas card came from her. And this, is why we get along.


the ben show said...

That cat pirate is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss TRS, a very cool post about your very cool new friend. And she has an argyle sweater on too!

The eyepatch on the cat is awesome.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I like her sweater, and your smile too. The cactus and pirate? AWESOME-NESS!

Kate said...

How fun! I made some really great workfriends but 2 of them are leaving this month :(

Anonymous said...

The Christmas card is awesome.

The Mrs. said...

HA! I love the christmas card. Very glad that you have a cohort at the office. Enjoy!