Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts, Musings, and Discoveries

Oh there are lots of things swirling up in my head today and not enough time or energy to properly write a, here is a list of the swirls in my noggin:

-The economic hard times has hit the land of TRS. I bought Pepsi for the first time in my life because it was $2 cheaper. Do not have a heart was not for me. It was 2-liters for an event I was hosting. I would never subject myself to such things as the demon-soda. Please.

-If I ever complain about being unproductive or needing to clean, make me call my mother-in-law. I have discovered that my MIL is the bell in this Pavlov's Dog scenario. I will be on the phone with her and all sudden I am on my knee's scrubbing base boards. Now, she does not ask about my house or really imply that my house is dirty (at least not in a few years), but something in me yearns to clean and clean hard when I hear her voice. ***In all reality, it is probably because when we were first married I would talk to her almost every other morning when I was cleaning out our first apartment in DC.***

-During my cleaning streak, I realised I did not have anymore Comet to clean my gross, stained steel sink. Chemistry to the rescue!!!! I sprinkled some baking soda on the sink, lightly dashed some vinegar on it...and sizzle seconds later, I was able to scrap up the gunk faster (and better) than you can say Johnson's chemical cleaning products!

-I really want to cut my hair. It has gotten the point of no style. It just hangs there...lifelessly. I would love to go back to short and blond, but in this economic times, going back to my high maintenance hair is probably not a good idea.

-KW and I are still looking at moving in a few months. We are not sure when, where or how, but the first leg of our journey (for KW's bar prep and bar taking) will most likely end us up in Athens. However, it may end up just being him that moves...i would have to stay here with the job and the benefits for as long as possible. Kdubs is not happy about that, but we'll see how it will work out.

-Kdubs is also back on the making me have heart palpitations (and not in the good way). He is saying that he is looking for jobs in Bulgaria, China, Singapore, Sicily, goes on and on. My fool-proof answer is now: "OK, if that is where God wants us to end up." In my head I add, "Then God and I will have a conversation and we will compromise back to Atlanta."

-I am personally very excited about all the good TV there is to be had tonight: oh, wait NO BONES, No new Office?!? well, at least I get to still watch America's Best Dance Crew and see Lil' Mama be hella crazy.

-For your watching enjoyment: Flight of the Concords...I don't get HBO, so I only get to enjoy what Youtube brings me.

You're welcome


MommyTime said...

First of all, LOVE Flight of the Concordes. All the time. (Do you know "It's Business Time"?)

Second, my hair-cuttery woman is the best is 27 counties, and she's within spittin' distance of you: Kisten at Inn Style Salon in AA. She gives great cuts, and if you tell her you need it to last a long time, she will work her magic, and it will totally last six months looking fantastic as it grows out. (Tell her I sent you, and you'll get 10% off too.)

the ben show said...

Booo to no new bones. LOVE Flight of the Concordes. And are you serious no new Office? What the heck... Is 30 Rock new?

Thank goodness lil mama can help us over the hump.

Krystyn said...

Pepsi? Gasp...from an Atlanta girl? Don't worry, I won't call up coke!

And, I need a haircut, too!

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven that Pepsi was not for consumption on your premises - we would have had an attack! Love the cleaning scenario, especially when on the phone!

Hopefully the job situation will sort it itself out; you do have an outstanding response though in your "if that is where God wants us..." remarks!

Hang in there Miss TRS, and hopefully you will be able to relax a little this weekend!

Buffalo Betty said...

Hip-hop-apautamus! Or something like that... You should also check out "Issues." Brilliant!

Singapore and Russia beat out DC?!!!