Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Themed Thursdays

There are lots of blog theme days: Works-for-me-Wednesdays, Not Me Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc.

I thought it was time to bring a little theme to my real life.

Really, I wanted to have a reason to be silly with my office friend.

So we came up with our first theme day very fortuitously:

Office Friend: So, my idea for our first theme day is a little out there.
TRS: Oh, so is mine...I'm a little afraid to say it.
OF: Fine, I'll say mine...Prom Wednesday...big hair and makeup with work appropriate clothes?
TRS: Oh my goodness...mine was Beauty Queen Wednesday...big hair, makeup and sashes over work appropriate clothes.
OF: This is why we are friends, what about Prom Queen Wednesday?!?

And this is the product:

My sash (that she made for me) says "Lil Miss Southern Belle" hers says "Lil Miss Academic Support (her department)

This is us both holding back our laughter

And No, I don't know why we are both doing that ridiculous face in all three pictures. For some reason it we both thought Beauty Queen with that face.

The best was one of her co-workers walks by her office and simply says, "Queen for a day, huh? good deal."

***Update to answer Krystyn's comment...for us, that is obnoxious hair and makeup...OF would say, "LOOK AT LIPS THAT IS CRAZY LIPSTICK." And we are both wearing VERY fancy earrings (which I never wear, ever!).


Well I Do Declare said...

This looks like too much fun!!!

Krystyn said...

That is hilarious!

Now, where's the big hair and obnoxious makeup!

And, there's a reason it's not full sister never thinks to turn the camera!

Maybe one day when the muffin top is a little less!

Jenny said...

Helarious! I love it!

Jenny said...

Helarious! I love it!

Jenny said...

OK...I can't spell. sorry. I'm only a READING AND WRITING TEACHER!!! (hanging my head in shame)

Red and White Preppy said...

Will you please make me a sash? :)

Erin said...

You guys are too funny. What would my sash say?

By the way, you look so thin and great!

the ben show said...

I want to come work there...