Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Shake it Off

Okay, I'm coming out of this blogging slump.
And I apologize for the three readers I have and have lost by not writing anything.

To put it mildly, everything is in flux and I only wanted to write about the big amorphous things going on in my life that wouldn't make sense. I couldn't write about fun, silly things. It would have looked something like this:

Monday: Watched HIMYM, it was good.
Tuesday: Ate fatty food while watching biggest loser and Watched My Boys, Hilarity. (seriously, Best one liners in the history of one liners)
Wednesday: watched Better Off Ted (if you are not watching this show, do it...and thank me later)
Thursday: Too much TV...need Tivo
Friday: Watch nothing on TV while waiting for K-dubs to call it a night for studying
Saturday: tried to not watch TV, but fail
Sunday: probably the same

Exciting, huh? You want to read that every day for 3 weeks straight wouldn't you?!?

Needless to say, work is chaotic because I am trying to end everything up here with some grace (not my forte)...Kdubs is leaving soon which depresses me like woh...and change just keeps coming.

So let me play my mom's favorite game: name 3 things positive with all that negative!
1.) I get to have a few extra weeks of hanging around my friends (because I am working while Kdubs moves on his own)
2.) I get health insurance for an extra month
3.) big news announcement coming up soon! better than the pig flu, i promise.


Erin said...

GEORGIA! OH GEORGIA! :) Hey, I'll be there in July!

Anonymous said...

You haven't lost your readers! That's the beauty of iGoogle - I automatically know when you've posted. Anyways, hope you're enjoying the telly - I missed HIMYM this week, it's one of my faves. Also am loving DWTS.
Have a wonderful Thursday! Love, Cita