Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Ever since I have become pregnant, I have had crazy dreams. Okay, to be fair to myself, I have always had very vivid and creative dreams...but these are some doozies. And they tend to fall into two categories:

S*x dreams (which I have never had before) and Disturbia version of real life dreams.

The first kind I chalk up to hormones. They say hormones do crazy things, and I tell you these dreams are so realistic it is bananas. I usually have make-out dreams when I am making out with Kdub or some Kdub-headless-amorphous blob. Very rarely is it someone else. But these dreams. Totally random and different people. People I know in real life. and one very good looking man I don't: Mr. John Krasinksi. That is right, ladies. This showed up in my dreams last night.

And I'm not complaining

Now usually, I save my vocal love for Johnny K to Jen's Hot Guy chat line on Daily Dish. But I had to come out and say it today.

Funny thing, in the dream, I was a Dunder Mifflin employee that was about to get fired but talked Michael out of it. Jim and Pam were not together yet, and I assured Jim that our affair would not get in the way when they did get together (they are perfect together but right now, he was mine!). Oh, and the entire Office was on a road trip Beverly Hillbillies style with stuff attached to all the cars and making stops at questionable trucker venues.

Besides the point it was good dream. And Kdubs knows my love of Johnny K and just asked "do you love Jim or the actor, cause that makes a difference, you know!?!?" I told him very politely that if one or the other comes up in real life, I'd take it.

(side note: KW never says anything about having celeb crushes because he knows he lives in with a complete unfair double standard about this...and I love him for accepting it.)

The second type of dreams:
There have been ones when my baby is red-headed freckled and SQUARE and I am trying to give it a bath in a bar sink at my parents house. Oh and my mom keeps dressing the baby without a diaper and the baby (who is a boy) is peeing EVERYWHERE! I may also accidentally drown it, but it comes out okay in the end.

Another, I am hanging out with Dooce (who I don't read very often) at her house in San Francisco (even though she lives in Utah) and meet her daughter, Leta...Leta's ethnic friend, Dora, and Dooce's new daughter (who is yet to be born) but in my dream she is 3 weeks old but looks 3 years old and, unfortunately, very unattractive. We hang out, I admire her kooky style and boho living. And I leave.

Weird, I tell you.
These hormones are CRAZY!


McMommy said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!

And now John K. is your preggo man.

Every girl has one.

When I was pg, all I dreamt about was Ben Affleck. I SWEAR. And what's strange is that Ben Affleck really isn't my hormones make you crazy.

Erin said...

No vivid dreams here, jusdt a lot of headaches.

lindz said...

Confession: Sometimes I dream about Johnny K too. Not pregnant. Just love him, in a celebrity crush kind of way. Usually we are dating and Pam is not yet/recently left the picture.

Anonymous said...

HA! The s * x dreams are crazy, aren't they? Mine were totally bonkers by the end. Ughhh. Don't even want to get into it, ha ha ha.