Thursday, April 15, 2010

The spark

When I first met Ken, we were in Russian politics.  And we didn't actually meet.  We just made eyes at each other, and he wouldn't talk to me when I tried to cross his path after class.  He claims shyness.  Even when we were just eye flirting...we had something...a spark.   That spark let me know that this was something.  Something special.

I don't think that THAT spark is something felt in just romantic love.  I think that with every type of relationship there can be a moment that you just know that they are special.

I have had it at college, I have had it at work, I have even had it with several bloggers (okay, I couldn't think of a way to make a third blog link, but here you go McMommy).

I have met these women and thought, "Oh yes, we will be friends." 

And I haven't had that here.  I mean, it has only been a two I can't expect the first person I meet to be my Austria-friend-soul-mate.  But I would really like it to happen like that. 

Is it just me?  Am I a plutonic-romantic-er-plutontic? 

My mom says I should just be friends with everyone and don't expect perfection...


Cita Online said...

Hard to say. No one's perfect, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hope (expect?) to have a connection with your friends. Sometimes a little loneliness makes me appreciate prior "sparks" just a little bit more, too. Good luck, TRS. It's not easy moving away so far from home. But if anyone can make it amazing anyways, it's you and KW. (I always think of you when I see signs for Hell, MI. Enjoy your European travel adventures!)

McMommy said...

Are you trying to say that my eye-flirting with you was a bit overboard?

p.s. Have you tried hanging out in the ER at all? Because truly, don't all friendships start in an emergency room?

Anonymous said...

I think that the friend spark can be increasingly difficult to find as I age. I don't think it is getting older as much as it is having a fuller life - - hubby, kids, work, the events of the day. While I have an easier time finding something in commmon with some one, I have a harder time feeling like people really "get" me.

That said, I would give it some time. Two months isn't very long at all!

Stephanie said...

I miss the spark, too, ADawg! I think it's a precious thing that comes along every now and again. BUT... you can still have lots of fun people in your life that each serve their own unique purpose.

We need to rekindle our spark; I've been missing our connection ;)

Love and hugs,