Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swaddling: THOUGHTS and ADVICE

Oh, how I love the Swaddler.

With the actual swaddling blankets, I am all thumbs and elbows.

Cdubs can get out of those with one tiny puff of those cheeks.

But the velcro lovliness of the Swaddler has been essential in us getting to 8-9 hours of sleep at night.  (I know I am lucky...it is not every night but it is close...and to make you feel better: she barely naps at all unless it is on me.)

Also, with the swaddler we use a sleep positioner to keep her towards one side (I was a "SIDS test baby" and the dr. said that keeping me on the side was best...so says my mom...so does I). 

Now that Cdubs is getting more mobile/squirmy, I am a little worried about her being all pinned in...in case she rolls off of the positioner (which would be a feat of strength, but she is a strong big girl...I would not put it past her).

I have been reading up on transitioning out of the swaddler: when to and how to...but when we've tried to let her sleep half swaddled or with a sleep sack, she keeps waking herself up....

Should we keep trying?  what do we do about the positioner?  when do we stop using that?

Or do we just keep going with nice luxurious sleep until she says otherwise?

THOUGHTS and ADVICE wanted and needed


Erin said...

Emery broke out of the velcro swaddler at 3 weeks, so we stopped swaddling her then. I can't really help you with that one, other than to say when you lay her down, tuck the blanket you cover her with into the crib matress. That provides comfort and they can't pull it up over their head, of course, now Emery does that, too!

As far as the sleep positioner. I stopped using it as Emery has started to show that she is getting closer everyday to rolling over. Plus, she kept getting her upper body out of it but her lower body was still on it. I figured it was time to take that out, too!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am the horrible mommy that put her babies to sleep on their tummies. Well, not right away. They were all swaddled up like burritos until they could bust out of it on their own. That happened around 12 weeks for Joshua and Jaden, and around 4 months for Judah. Then, I put them on their stomachs. Now, I will say that all of them could roll over at that point from back to front anyways. But I always felt like a horrible mommy! It's just the only way they would sleep more than 45 minutes at a stretch!

Krystyn said...

We used a swaddler and positioner, too:) On their sides, too. Bad, bad, bad, right?

When they started wiggling out of the positioner, we stopped using it.

Daycare didn't let us use the swaddler, so they both stopped abruptly during the day at 4 months. We still used it at home:)

I would do it for naps first. And, we did it gradually. First one arm out for a couple days. Then two arms out (so basically tight around the waist) then nothing.

I say keep swaddling until she can get out of it:) Your sanity and sleep are at stake.

Sarah said...

We swaddle with Halo Sleepsack Swaddles (if you like SwaddleMe's, you'd love Halo swaddles even more!, we switched from SwaddleMe for our first son to Halo with our second and they are way better). Anyhow, as for getting rid of the swaddle, my Halo package says to stop swaddling when your LO shows signs of either rolling over, breaking loose, or not wanting it. My first son broke loose consistently at about 3 months, so we wrapped just his belly for awhile before switching him to a Halo sleepsack. I never used a sleep positioner and don't know much about them.

Formerly Gracie said...

We stopped swaddling both of our kids when it started to distress them to be "trapped", which doesn't sound like the case with Cdubs

For Ansley, one of my dear friends handmade and sent me an awesome swaddler, patterned after this one: www.miracleblanket.com

It's longer and wraps all around the body, so it's more difficult to break out of. If you like, I can send it to you. Let me know!