Monday, December 15, 2008

Buffalo Betty: Always Awesome, Now Famous

Anyone who knows me and my blog knows Buffalo Betty.

If you do not know about her, here is how to catch up:
Our history
The Birth of S-in-a-G
Just Random Betty Time

There is an instant attraction to Betty that everyone feels right away. Now, I am not talking just about boys and their below the belt type of attraction (although that is there too). I am talking about how everyone who meets her wants to know her better, wants to be her best friend, wants to get caught up in crazy fun-dance filled antics with her.

I know this because as soon as I met her freshman year in college I thought, "This girl is so cool...I have got to be friends with her!"

More proof comes from McMommy. When we had our big IRL-meeting the second thing she said to me (the first being something about shoes, of course) was "Can we call Buffalo Betty!?!"

Further and the most telling is this: a post from ANOTHER BLOG about Buffalo Betty and her awesomeness. Go read it. She is "the blonde probably the size of (the blogger's) pinky" and "the originator of the spontaneous activity" who he described as leggy.
(that is her on the far right)
This is so Betty.

First off, she comes up with an incredibly fun game on the spot (typical Betty), then she is having so much fun everyone wants to join (typical Betty), she then invites everyone to join in (very-typical Betty), and then she leaves all these guys in her wake calling her tiny and leggy and hilarious (extremely typical Betty).

You would think that it would be easy to be jealous being friends with someone as magnetic as Betty, but that is the beauty of Buffalo Betty: while everyone in the room is focused on her she makes every single person feel like her best friend. And that is a good reason to be friends with someone for 10 years while only living in the same state for one and half of those years.

I can safely say, I blogged about her first but I obviously will not be the only one!!!

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