Friday, March 06, 2009

There is an excuse, I swear

So my departure from the blogosphere last week was swift and seemingly unintentional. But it was...intentional...a little bit.

I am probably the laziest and most procrastinating procrastinator known to mankind.

I could detail all of this, but then I would be humiliated and have to go into hiding again.

I thought if I could keep myself away from the blogosphere to get my "chores" done then I would have an incentive (and reward) to get it done. Yeah, not so much. What was supposed to be an extended weekend hiatus turned into a week! I am sorry, doogs, come back!

One of my chores was to start packing up my apartment.

Yes, that is right...the Roaming Southerner is roaming some point in the nearer future. Kdubs finishes law school in May, we are not sure where he will be working after he takes the bar in Georgia (probably not Georgia), and I am not sure when I am leaving my job.

I initially thought I would just leave with him, but if I stay longer, I MAY get a good severance package out of it. Which in these economic times, is nothing to sneeze at.

I am choosing not to get worried about the where and when we will end up. It always works out, right? RIGHT? worrying : breathe : breathe :

:::Deep Breath:::

okay, I'm back.

So, we packed up about half of our apartment, loaded it in a van, and moved it into my mom's basement. This way our BIG move will not be as eventful (here is hoping). Really it means, if we are making a GIGANTIC move like overseas or across the country, then we would have our essentials here to move and the extras would be safe at home...or something like that.

Now that we are packed up, I have the tornado of CRAP that I have left as a trail. Our apartment is littered...literally littered with bits and pieces of junk that we didn't want to save but don't want to throw away. So this week is major cleaning and decluttering at Chez Roaming Southerner.

What are your big weekend plans, friends?


The Mrs. said...

eh packing and moving. that sucks. my big weekend plans are nada. Hubs works so its just like any other day of the week. The kids will rise at the crack of dawn and the fun will start. I hope you guys have a nice relaxing weekend!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Man, there's nothing like a trail of crap to ruin your weekend...