Monday, March 09, 2009

Today's Outfit ***UPDATED-Correction***

I was playing on Polyvore and mocked up my outfit for the day. For no real reason, just for funsies.

Today's outfit
Today's outfit - by trsoutherner on

I am wearing a jacket similar to the red one and the shoes that I love are killing me. I think this is what a week in flats will do! Gerr!

Off to the gym for IN a few hours to work off my delicious southern food from last week.

***The awesome Jennycalled me out on a typo and my own laziness. I was going to work out in a few hours from my original posting time...definitely not FOR a few hours. I am the opposite of a gym nut or an exercise addict. I barely lasted 45 minutes at the gym. I told myself "oh, you'll do Abs and lunges at home while watching tv...that way you are not rolling on the ground in the grow-dee germs of the gym." HA! I did two lunges and watched HIMYM and Dancing with the Stars (I have never seen it before and was FASCINATED to see how the replacement did!). All this to say: I am not a gym rat or grammar nazi. I apologize. Thanks Jenny!***


McMommy said...

You know who's funsies?


And don't ever forget it. xoxo

the Preppy Princess said...

We're with McMommy on this one Miss TRS, yeppers. And you made it to the gym today? I could barely do the "daily constitutional!"


Jenny said...

umm....the gym FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS??? What are you??? Some sort of "exercise enthusiast"? Gees....

Krystyn said...

I'm a flats girl too. Although the outfit is super cute.

Glad you made it to the gym...grow-dee germs and all.