Monday, March 16, 2009

Grace in Small Things part deux

A few weeks ago, I did a post about finding the good in small things, being less cynical, blah blah blah.

Well, as you can tell by my blahs, I need a tune up. A new outlook on the day.

So I give unto you some things that are going good unto me.

1.) After years of arguing over how much I spend on groceries, I finally submitted ever so docilely to my husband and cut back on our trips to the grocery store and doing some WEEKLY GROCERY PLANNING. And as much as I dreaded it, it was kind of nice to not have much choice of "WHATS FOR DINNER" because it was what was in the fridge closest to expiring. I am a homemaker-genius, people.

2.) After years of arguing over how much I spend on books, which saga I have detailed here (library books are gross and they never have the ones I WANT NOW!), I docilely submitted to my husband once again and did not buy the new book of my series seen here:

when I was casually browsing at B&N. Okay, really...I threw a huge tantrum that he sent all of my beloved books to the exile of my parents basement in Atlanta leaving me with the two books that I hid from him in my office (the large complete works of Jane Austin and the last Harry Potter). In my upity self-righteousness, I said, "I will find away around you and your book ban!" Which lead me to Amazon...::cue heavenly music and clouds parting::

I was able to buy three books for the price of the original, which was amazing. However, I did have to wait, which makes me GRUMPY but it was like Christmas when they came. Now, I want more.... mooooooooore.
This is a serious addiction people

3.)I started back on hard core Weight Watchers last week. I did pretty well and worked out every day and only had two crazy days (mmm...Buffalo Wild Wings and St. Patty's day party!) that I accounted for. No weight loss yet, but right now I am trying to work against nature in my mind. I lost this weight with weight watchers last fall but have kept it off without crazy dieting or exercise for around 6 months. So I think it will take awhile to tell my body to move it!

Here are some pics from the Caeli (read Irish party held by Catholic lawyers)

Me and the Dubs-he's thrilled I tell ya

Here is the best picture I could get of my jacket, but it was much cuter and less Sgt. Peppery, I promise.

4.) A NEW NEEEEEEEW How I Met Your Mother is on tonight. Mondays are almost taking over Thursdays for my Fav. night on TV. I really need to get me a DVR.

5.) It is over 50 degrees outside!?! Sunny and my puppy has decided that spring is here. She always goes a bit bonkers with the change of seasons. She is better than that stupid ground hog. Oh, and tonight is Taco salad night! WOOHOO!


Kim H. said...

I don't comment often - but I think the weekly shopping trip is so wonderful. I plan our meals for the next week - with my OCD spreadsheet - and buy the things I need for those meals. It keeps us pretty well within our budget range.

Maybe it would work best if you got a certain portion of the budget each month to use as you see fit - if that means books then by all means get yourself a book. If it's something else... it's still your money to use and the hubs can't complain about how it's spent. It has been a lifesaver for my marriage! :-)

Buffalo Betty said...



BB said...

Oh- and your hair color. Work it, girl.

the ben show said...

You don't have a DVR? Oh, girlfriend... you gots to get you one of 'em.

Anonymous said...

You like HIMYM, too? Monday Nights are HUGE for me - 8-9:30 I am parked in front of the TV to watch Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, and 2 1/2 Men. Too bad last night the TV was occupied... this is what happens when you share a TV with 7 other people. Anyways, great to see you this morning! You're adorable.
Love, Cita

*jimaie.marie* said...

I totally JUST discovered HIMYM last month and have been watching it online every so often, SO funny!! I wish I'd have watched from the beginning now!
You neeeeeeeed a dvr. oh how dvr has changed my life, i'll never go back!

The Mrs. said...

A-dorable! love the jacket. good luck on the ww.

the Preppy Princess said...

You look so adorable and pretty in your jacket! And the two-shot of you and the Dubs is excellent, thank you for sharing!