Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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I can't find anything decent to write. I have tried writing several St. Paddy's post. But nothing is really amazing about wearing my favorite color green and eating some festive sushi.

Yes, that is right. I ate sushi for St. Paddy's day. It is almost un-American...uh, un-Irish?

KW is finally done studying to night, so I am going to keep it short.

I'm sorry that I suck at life.


Jenny said...

You suck because you apologized...not because you didn't write. Ain't that life? :) We all get in slumps/ruts/"real life mode". Enjoy your hubbie!

The Mrs. said...

you need a little dash-1 to spice up your life. I'll box him up and send him to you. And then he can litter your days with DB bombs. : )

Bella said...

Girlfriend, maybe that fish in your sushi was Irish? LOL We could say it was, anyway!!!

the Preppy Princess said...

Now Miss TRS, you do *not* suck at life. Stop that. You are awesome at it, you may just not feel that way right now, which we completely get. Trust us when we say that we think you are remarkable at life.