Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cheap Hobbies

Okay, internet peeps, I was thinking the other day, "Man, i would love a hobby like sewing or scrapbooking, but I hate having to spend money."

And then it hit me, my already loved free hobby: blogging.

I haven't really totally done all of the work on this old blog yet, and I stopped in mid stream because working on it after work was not possible for my body kept saying, "GET OUT OF THE OFFICE, YOU BLOODY LOON." (yeah, my body insults me in a british accent.)

So, I am going to try and work on some fun new features of the blog, but I know that stating this commitment seal its fate as not ever being done. That is why I keep saying, "my laundry will never be done" and miraculously it has been 100% better.

It is my official reverse psychology mantra.

But I would really like to pick up some more tangible/non-computer hobbies.
Any suggestions?


The Mrs. said...

I'm at the point where showering is a hobby. Our lifestyle doesnt lend itself well to mom getting a lot of alone time and well once the kids are in bed I'm tired. I love scrapbooking but now I'm too lazy to drag all the stuff out and if I leave it laying around people cover themselves in stickers and what not. (Not flyboy if your wondering, he can control himself)

Blogging is a hobby like you said. And showering, and eating. See I have three hobbies now. : ) Good luck on your quest.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite hobbies is one you already do a lot - reading. (

Since it's getting nicer out, I'm loving run/walks around Gallup Park, getting Bubble Tea downtown, and picnics. When it gets even warmer, I'll be doing more of this, and would love for you to join me whenever you're free :)

Love, Cita