Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got it on Etsy

Are you familiar with Etsy?

Etsy is an online shop to buy and sell all things handmade.

My soon to be sister-in-law sells her paintings on there, so I took a look at somethings and was blown away!

The people who have shops on here are really talented and sell some great things. So I decdided to do most of my Christmas shopping on Etsy.

I figured it was a great way to support some "local" artists and entreprenuers and have unique gifts for my family.

I will have to show you when I got after Christmas, because I don't want any nosey in-laws peeking!!!

However, I have also started browsing through Etsy in my spare time to see what is offered. Well I went into the Everything Else category and was blown away in a different sense. I saw things like inclusion rocks, dragon's blood oil, coffee cup sweaters and a dios del morte cross with realistic fake blood.
But here are somethings that are being sold on Etsy that I must share with you:

This is called a Prayer/Smudge Fan
This is a "Fan created using gray/brown peacock feathers as a base with accents of peacock eye feathers. Handle is cedar with hand stitched deer leather trimmed in badger fur." I'm not sure who wants a carcass fan or what is the smudge part about it. If it is gross, just let me be ignorant.

For the environmental jokester
handmade, organic poo. Claims to be a great stocking stuffer

This is a unique present for that special someone in your life who is impossible to buy for. I have been told it would be a great gift for military men either serving over seas or returning home (a welcome home gift). It is a pair of plush boobs in a patriotic themed bra, that can be attached to a steering wheel or the back of a chair (for lumbar support) with and adjustable elastic strap. Each boob is approximately the size of a standard CD.

Handmade bacon, just because he "had left over red and white yarn."

From weird to gross:
Yup, homemade tampons.

From gross to TRS's mind is in the Law & Order/24 gutter
What does this look like to you? You might say a rock, but when I first saw it, I thought it was a few lines of Coke (and not a-cola). But that is because it was above this:

Explosive Putty? no, it is peanut butter fudge. Stop trying to be Jack Bauer, TRS.

Now these are truly crazy, but I would recommend Etsy for some last minute gifts!


Well I Do Declare said...

Wow! That stuff is really strange. Thanks for sharing... I definitely got a kick out of some of those things!

Frugal Jen said...

I have never heard of a homemade tampon,Gross! Thanks for researching and sharing, got a good laugh.

the ben sow said...

homemade tampons!? Wow... I was like, oh they look like little mice!

Anonymous said...

im with everyone on the tampon thing...wth??


Krystyn said...

Etsy really is a cool site.

But, I think I'll pass on the homemade tampons. Do you wash and reuse? Yuck!

The Mrs. said...

that giant poo is hilarious. I should get some for the kids, maybe they'd leave the cow pies alone then.