Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

So the Thurdsay Thirteen can be thirteen things about ANYTHING, but the creator of TT challenges the participants to say 13 positive things about ourselves! ME?!?! I have to say 13 good things about myself? Can't I just criticize myself? Its alot easier! I think that most women and definately southern women have a hard time complimenting themselves...because it makes us look self-centered and haughty. So I say these things that I think that are good about myself, trying not to sound that way.

Okay here we go:
1.) I like to take care of people and make them happy
2.) I think I am a good friend (kinda ties into #1)
3.) Like most things, my eyes and butt are good in the right proportions (ie. not overemphasized).
4.) I can cook pretty well...but I really like to bake.
5.) I am pretty tall...which is handy when things are up high or to intimidate mean people.
6.) I am kinda funny every once in awhile...well I make myself laugh (and sometimes Ken).
7.) I can arts and crafts beyond a fifth grade level!
8.) I can read fast and thoroughly--and I love it!
9.) I enjoy being silly and the silliest things in life.
10.) I am loyal to a fault.
11.) I learn from my mistakes
12.) I am perceptive of others and their needs (again ties into #1).
13.) I'd much rather focus on others than myself which is why I am glad that this is over!

Let me know what you think?
-1.) I like the approval of others--could you tell I didn't think so.

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JAM said...

Yeah, I'm a southern male who also has issues with thinking up good things about myself, so I can relate.

I'm kinda new to the T13 thing, so I didn't know the originator gives suggestions of topics. I would have been grateful last night had I known that, but I did another subject.

Anyhoo, I like your list, and though I have read several of these lists today, yours is the first that didn't sound like bragging in any way.

Well, that's my two cents.

Gail said...

Your list is great! Being tall would be handy, but unfortunately I'm short!

GranolaGirl12 said...

You are a GREAT friend, super funny, B-eautiful, Kind, loving, talented, smart, hard working, and all together an awesome person to be around. I'm proud to say I'm your friend.