Tuesday, September 05, 2006

treasure tuesday

Another Treasure Tuesday at Faith's Treasure Tuesday
My treasure this week is my cast iron skillets (new and old):

The tiny cast iron skillet was my great grandmother's "egg" skillet. Trust me it makes amazing eggs and single-KW-size-serving cornbread.
The large cast iron skillet is a recent acquisition, and I am loving it! I have made cornbread, chili, soup, pasta sauce...and an iron skillet is really superior to my other pans. I hope that these skillets will last to pass on to my great grandchildren. If you have any skillet recipes, please share!


Ranting said...

I have no recipes, but a funny story involving said type of cookware.

A girl that I work with recieved a set of cast iron skillets for a wedding gift. She had always heard of people sesoning their skillets and the box they came in even said to do so. For years she would religiously season the skillets. She never had much luck with anything she cooked in them though. Finally, it was reveiled to her that seasoning them meant using oil,etc. on them and heating them in the oven. Bless her heart, she had been "seasoning" them with the flavor of whatever she was about to cook in them. Exp: rubbing sugar on it for a dessert, taco seasoning for tacos, on and on.

The story was great. I laughed soooo hard.

Stephanie said...

Look at you and your Cutco knives!! And seriously, can you ever have too many dutch ovens? or mixing bowls for that matter? Anyhoo, no recipes for the skillet to share but much appreciation for my fajita iron skillet! It's gotten tons of use :-)

eb said...

So, Wes has recently become emphatic about his newly purchased cast iron skillet. He's been doing chicken in it. . . he rubs a whole chicken (with the skin, and broken down into quarters) with seasoning, then browns each side on the stovetop on high heat. . . it really gets dark brown and crispy. Then he pops the whole thing in the oven to cook through. It's really crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. So simple; sooo good! OOOh. . . and I'll bet Jambalaya would be good!

Anonymous said...

Take that Jerk Seasoning and rub it into a rib eye steak. Cook over med-high heat for 4 mins per side then put it - skillet and all - into a 475 oven for 5 mins (for med-rare). Soooo yum! xooxoxoxoTheBossOne