Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

My treause this tuesday is a bank that was passed on by my grandfather. My grandfather died of lung cancer when I was young, but every time we went to see him...he would give me a handful of coins and his Uncle Sam bank to play with. I know it doesn't seem like it would be an afternoon of fun but somehow my imagination would take over...the evil scarey lord would terrorize the peasants of the carpet for their hard earned money slamming the goods in his magical and inpenatrable carpet bag until the peasants would ban together while the lord would sleep and find the secret latch to unlock the money pit...Okay I know looking back on it, my loving conservative parents probably thought they were raising a facist revoluntionary toddler...but it was cute. Anyways, the bank now sits on my bookshelves at home next to all of the gifts my grandfather gave me from the Gone with the Wind Catalog (he thought I really liked it, even though I had no idea who Scarlett O'Hara was until I asked my mom why the woman on my teapot was surrounded by lots of different men (and she looked like she liked it! yuck!). I love looking at it and remembering my papa and how much he loved to see my imagination at work.

For more people and their treasures head over to Faith's.

Update: I meant a revolutionary of a facist regime when I said facist revolutionary


Nancy the Romancechick said...

Oh, this is special and I love the story you made up to go with it. I wouldn't think you were growing up to be a fascist, possibly a resistance leader!

Thanks for visiting mine!

Faith said...

I love your treasure and the story behind it. Thanks for sharing.

"And she looked like she liked it" - too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

Wow, Johnny Reb. That was definitely one of your more anti-North posts. Glad to see you've grown and gotten over some of your childhood dislikes . . . especially for KW's sake!

Michelle said...

what a wonderful treasure to have something from your childhood memories that was from your grandfather!

Thanks for checking out my treasure as well! As for the tip on getting your future kids interested in books - start early! We read a story to our daughter at naptime and bedtime and she loves this ritual!