Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Easter weekend

So what did I do for Easter?!?
I hosted my parents to the great frozen tundra that is Michigan!

My mom and dad came up for a visit (even though they are coming up in a few weeks for graduation) because I have been very homesick lately.

It was a great visit. They wanted to stay in one of the casinos in Detroit, so they got us a room and we stayed with them on Friday and Saturday! It was a perfect stay-cation. We took them to see the Detroit Art Institute, who has a great Norman Rockwell exhibit. The Ford Museum is also a must for our visitors:

The parents next to the Famous Weinermobile, which allowed my dad to sing the song--out loud. thank goodness I am not a teenager anymore and embarrassed by them. I just sang along.

Posing in the Model T

Dad exploring the trains. They have these enormous trains in there. From Henry Ford's personal train car to these massive engines.

No idea how that shot of KW got in there...

My mom with her iPhone, which is humorous because she barely knows how to check her email on a real computer.

The Ford Museum also has this HUGE train snow plow from Canada, and for some reason it always intimidates me, but that could be from the fact that these mammoth trains are very close together and I have daymares of them coming to life like Evil Thomas the Trains. --my imagination has always gotten the best of me--

KW classic annoyed expression with my excessive picture taking.

KW strolling amongst the evil rolling machines of death

Mom and Dad sitting in the seat the Rosa Parks bus. Crazy trivia fact: the Ford Museum bought that for $500 from a man using it as a tool shed.

The museum also has the chair Lincoln was shot in, all of the old president's cars, lots of memorabilia, and well...tons of cars. It is a must if you are in Detroit.

Hope every one's Easter was great. I think I am 3 pounds heavier from the excellent food we ate!


Jessica said...

I love the Henry Ford.

When I am in detroit, I must visit that place. Last time I was there, the Rosa Parks bus wasn't finished being restored, so we didn't get to go inside.

My favorite thing in the museum...oh who am I kidding, the whole museum is my favorite thing! I do enjoy the house of the future and the presidential cars....and the paper airplane distance contest. I took about a million pictures last time I was there and somehow they were I'll just have to go there again!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I think we have twin parents or something. My mom is in love with her I-phone (and this is the woman who had to have me teach her how to turn on the computer before I left for college), and my dad has always had this thing for singing to me in public places (which made for an excellent adolescence, of course). Now, they look nothing like your 'rents, but seriously . . . the similarities are uncanny :)

Red and White Preppy said...

Love those pictures :) Thanks for the award, by the way! I will be handing it out very soon...

amanda said...

your parents look like such fun :)

can you be my tour guide next time i am in town?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, thank you for sharing Miss TRS, these are great! We haven't been there in ages, it really is sinful. Your parents are so darn cute, especially your Mother with her iPhone! And it is so nice they came up to boost your spirits, that is very cool. If only it had been a little warmer. Sigh.

Sending you a hug,

Buffalo Betty said...

Love seeing the 'rents! Best to them from me :)

Jenny said...

That looks like a really unique museum! I'm sorry to hear you're homesick and three pounds heavier...I can relate to how the two go hand-in-hand sometimes, don't they? Hang in there! :) Surely you all will be defrosting up there soon, right?

the ben show said...

kinda looked like KW was sporting a fanny pack in that picture of his back!

and hey... that was one HUGE weiner.

(never thought I'd be writing that on a blog)

((great BONES last night, right?))