Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Choppy

Today, the day before April Fool's Day, is the day of my brother's birth.

John, otherwise known in my universe as Choppy (because the priest that baptized him said he had pork Chop cheeks), turns 25 today. He is my brother closest by age (18 months) and together we could torment our youngest brother, Bo, to my mother's ire.

Choppy and I haven't always gotten along all the time, but whenever it counts (bad times, great times, hard times...) we bond.

When John was growing up they said that he wouldn't talk because I would talk for him. "John wants a popsicle." "john's favorite cartoon is Thundercats." I was the typical older sister and he took this as a typical younger brother would: "YOU ARE NOT MY MOM" was frequently uttered in our home.

But here are some things that you (and I) are learning about my brother:

1.) John is getting married
2.) He proposed to his girlfriend, who is a cool bean
3.) She is a lot of fun and really good for John (She was going to hit him if he didn't say Hi to me for her...that shows that she is good at realizing his weakness: physical pain inflicted by women.
4.) John is studying to become a history teacher in high school
5.) He coaches high school football
6.) He loves football of all kinds
7.) He wants to teach and coach because he sees all of the positive influence that his coaches and teachers were to him
8.) I'm so proud of him for doing all of this.
9.) He is being courted to coach for our rival high school's team
10.) This means that a big time coach KNOWs my brother and recognizes his awesomeness
11.) I am so proud
12.) Chops bleeds Georgia Red and Black
13.) He is strong and I wish I was strong like him
14.) I love when he will talk to me
15.) He doesn't do this all the time because I'm his mini-mom
16.) I think he is a great guy and gives great hugs (when I get one)
17.) I hope that we can become great friends as we grow up
18.) I love how funny and sarcastic he is.
19.) He was always cooler than me.
20..) He always keeps me in check and lets me know that I AM NOT COOL
21.) I am so glad that he always says "I love you" when we hang up on the phone
22.) He is going to be a great dad some day
23.) he will be a great god father to my son one day (John was meant to be a godfather)
24.) He always makes me laugh
25.) I think he is a great guy and I am proud to all him my brother

I called him to wish him birthday and I called my mom and thanked her for giving me a brother. I was meant to be an oldest sister and love being his sister.

Happy Birthday, Chops.
I love you.

This is John and his fiance


K Renée said...

Adorable. Now I feel like calling my brothers. Thanks for sharing!

Leigh said...

no one could be coller than you, roaming southerner! no one! ok, maybe me, but it's because I try so hard to be cooler than you and it wears me out just trying. I am handing you the reins. Dang your cool.
Happy b'day chops.