Thursday, April 02, 2009

Somebody's Getting Married and a lost train of thought

My brother, Choppy, is!!!!

Choppy and Libby got engaged awhile ago, but they have set the date and are getting hitched.

I couldn't be more excited.

Libs is the shizz. I have really loved getting to know her, esp through our rando facebook chats.

I have even gotten to know another one of her bridesmaids from it (hey, Sarah!) and marvel at how weird the world is:
Sarah and I on facebook seem like kindred spirits. We love Gilmore Girls, the Office, Pride & Prejudice, etc. Yeah, this isn't like searching for the lost Incan ruins...there are lots of girls who like those things. But finding someone who does share interests AND is friends with the girl my brother is spending the rest of his life with is awesome! Cause me and John are not really known for our similar interests. (Minus quoting random movies and tv shows-but who doesn't like doing that!)

Any way, Sarah and I had gotten onto the reason I blog because I still don't broadcast my blogging for fear of ridicule.
But I told her I do it because I don't scrapbook, I am not a prolific writer, I like the instant gratification of blogging, and I lose journals left and right (a good example how this applies to blogging--I actually had a different blog for several months before this one, but forgot the password one day and couldn't access my account). I don't blog for people to read it *but love comments. But I do it, because I like to look back on things and realize that there is proof in this world that I am ridiculous. And in some morbid way, I like to think that when I am gone this little piece of me will be around to say, "I existed."

All this to say: I am pumped about John and Libs getting married, meeting new people, and losing my train of thought.


Krystyn said...

Yep, you have to blog for one else!

Sarah said...

I am so excited to meet you too! If we could just find gigantic pink shoes!