Sunday, April 19, 2009

4 more weeks

It just hit me.

My husband has 4 more weeks of law school left.

I am very exited to be done with this stressful time. It has not been an easy 3 years for us in some ways. I am ready for him to not be studying all the time and hope that he may be able to turn off work stress easier than school stress (I know I am deluding myself on that one, but just let me for a little while).

But this craziness has been 3 years of our lives. The largest chunk of our marriage so far was spent here. And we are leaving it soon.

KW will graduate mid-May. We will then pack the apartment up and move our stuff and KW to Georgia. I will come back for a few weeks to finish work (which will suck because I will be living in an empty apartment for awhile).

But the main part: CHANGE IS COMING.
And I hate it. I do not like law school, but I am ape-sh*t scared of leaving this bubble that I know even if it is not perfect.

That being said, i think it will be really fun to live in Georgia while KW prepares for the Bar and while we figure out our next move.

Sorry for this meaningless outburst. But 4 weeks and change will be here. BLERGHS!


tootie said...

I sometimes think the worst part of any move is the anticipation than the move itself.

I hope that everything goes smoothly for you!

Formerly Gracie said...

Other than being within the span of one year, the worst part of our last two moves is getting reestablished all over again-- new friends, new house, new grocery store. But, then again that's also the exciting part.

I wish all the best and "outburst" away all you want. Moving SUCKS! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, change sucks. But at least now you have a chance of living within driving distance to a Publix?

Love, Cita

Krystyn said...

Oh, but hopefully there's lots of new fun coming!

Have you said where in GA you are moving?

Bella said...

I completely understand (as do my 3 kiddos) DH just finished his MBA in May. time, free time...not so much!

BTW, I am Athens quite a bit...would love to have lunch sometime!