Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've Got a Fever

And the only cure is more cowbell.

well, I do have a fever but I doubt a cowbell will alleviate my flu.

I've been lucky enough to work from home today, but I feel like Captain Big Booty.

I am sorry that I have been an anemic blogger lately. I def. need to step up my game. Now I am trying to come up with some fun topics to write on. Unfortch, I just want to curl up with soup and Nyquil.

I will try and be a better blog buddy this week. I puffy heart all of you, really.


Life of Preston said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well, but you mentioned cowbell and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing!!! Thanks for the Will Ferrel/Christopher Walken visual!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, feel better soon! Stick with the soup and Nyquil for now, we'll look forward to more posting when you don't have a fever :)
Love, Cita

Justin and Jenn said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! And your comment about the cake was too sweet. Thank you!

tootie said...

I loved the cowbell quote! (My husband has a "more cowbell" t-shirt that he wears ALL the time.)

Hope you feel better soon!

The Mrs. said...

man whats going around... both boys are sick. I hope you feel better, dash-1 recommends popsicles, the blue ones are the best apparently. And lots of cartoons.

amanda said...

hoping u feel better soon.

if not, i will hop in the car and bring over some soup :)

the Preppy Princess said...

Miss TRS, we hope you feel better soon. It seems everyone is getting hit by the bug! Please take care of yourself and *don't* worry about posting! We all just want you to feel better.