Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hello there, Superhero

Saturday morning I woke up to a call at 9:10am, and I am going to show my non-mom roots by saying that I was PISSED at the wake up call...not like you mom bloggers who have been up for 3 hours with 5 things knocked off of your to-do list.

So the phone call was from my friend Loretta* and it went something like this:
Loretta: Hello there, Superhero. This is Loretta from the Red Cross blood bank in Ann Arbor.
(she is so perky and happy I immediately throw away my urges to stab her with verbal daggers about the non-solicited wake up call)
TRS: Hi Loretta, has it been 72 days already?!?
Loretta: Yes, honey, it is. And I want to thank you for giving a pint of blood that saves up to three lives in Michigan alone.
(feeling like the superhero that I am, obviously, I ask Loretta about her day, tell her thanks for her service, and she is flabbergasted at being asked about herself and being thanked. This flabbergasted me!!! How can anyone be mean to Loretta?!? My sweet, cheerful superhero operator!?! She is better than the bat signal. Any way I schedule my appt. at the blood bank and go off feeling great about myself for the rest of the weekend.)

This is all to tell you that I am headed to the blood bank in 15 minutes to get my free juice and cookies. I also wanted to link up to my original post about me and giving blood...then you get the full story about me being an undercover superhero...better than the Incredibles, I tell you.

This is also to tell you to donate blood (if you can).

*Loretta may or may not be her name. I wasn't sure if I was going to kill her when I first answered the phone and any normal person doesn't need to know the name of the person they are killing. But she sounds like a Loretta...Loretta the Lovely...who I will never have thoughts of killing again. Maybe I can ask her to be my new alarm clock?

Updated: this was actually reposted by the Red Cross at their blog. So weird. BTW. Loretta, if you are reading this...next time I will ask you your real name.


tootie said...

That is awesome that you give blood regularly! I'm ashamed to say that I've never given blood before, but I hope to donate sometime soon.

Wendy Harman said...

This is Wendy from the Red Cross. I love your post! Thanks for donating. I'm going to post about you on our blog today:


Krystyn said...

How awesome is that?

WTG...I need to sign up, too. I haven't been able to give for some time (preggo), but I think we are having a drive at school!

WTG for doing your part!

A longtime fan said...

TRS, way to go! Glad to see you're not so "secret" a superhero ;)

Krystyn said...

Just wanted to update you (because I know you care). I DID go give blood today at my work/school!

Anonymous said...

I need to make such an effort to do this. It is so important! Good for you, you are a superhero!
Stopped by from McMommy's.

McMommy said...

Glad you linked up for POW!
I don't think I've done it since you were down here visiting and we were discussing it!!