Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Types

So in my sickness, I have noticed that they are mainly two types of blogs (or blogs that I read, which are really the only ones that matter). And they break down into the following categories:

1.) A blog about a person's family: this blog has a majority of posts about the development about people's kids, pets, moving, etc. There is a progression, a news update, and LOTS of personal pictures.

2.) A blog about a person's thoughts: this blog is mainly the recounting of things that the blogger thinks or sees. The majority of posts are about what goes on in their day but centered around a greater theme: traveling, news updates, "have you heard about ______."

"Now what type of blog are you?" you ask, dear reader. Well I don't know! I do put some fun updates on the growing and goings on of my little family. But I also throw in a lot of color commentary and random musings.

What does all of this say or mean? Well, nothing. I just feel that my blog is not like my friends-that-are-mom blogs or my intellectual-friends-that-are-cool-and-live-city-slicker-lives blogs. I am stuck in the I frequently am. The end of the going out singles group, but not quite staying at home watching my funny children group. Just hanging out with the KW, while he looks for adventure and drags me along behind him like a little boy and his security blanket turned cape.


Anonymous said...

Does it make you feel better that even though I am a mommy blogger, in my real life I have never felt like I really quite fit anywhere? I don't feel badly about not fitting neatly into compartments though. In fact, I sort of like that about myself. I feel like it allows me to relate a little bit better to all sorts of people. I bet this is true of you too.

LKK(iller) said...

I don't fit in around this damn city, for what it's worth.

Leigh said...

I too am a middle road blogger. If ut occurs in my live (of the lives of the "circus") or if I think about it, go somewhere, eat is worth discussing to me. I havent yet got to bathroom habits but with me, I havent ruled it out....LOL