Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Semi-live blogging about Project Runway

We have the scenes from last week and can I just say...I thought Kevin would go farther. I really liked him...I'm not going to say his prom dress was good. It was a non-hot mess. It was cold cream of wheat (the b*stard cousin of grits and oatmeal)

Here we go:

10:02--So Chris is straightening his crazy hair...and bitching about his last client..shock!!! Preening and b*tching from Christian. Really this is such a departure...I'm lacking oxygen from my deep gasps of disbelief.
10:03--Out come the models...they are, well hairy. The designers must make avant garde dresses to go with the crizasy hairstyles the models are sporting. All the way from: fauxhawks, dreads, weird curls, Dolly Parton hair. Shock the dreads are not picked! I thought someone would think it was fierce. That makes me feel that I may be less traditional than I least we all know that dreads does not equal high fashion.
10:04--TIM!!! the best time of Project Runway.

avant garde: does not have to be wearable or realistic (cause all of the designs all the time are?)

AND now it is team time. They are just totally going for drama.

So how many times will Ricki cry? I think it will be 3 times.

10:07--Chris and Christian=best team ever!
Rami is crazy artistic. I may not like everything he does, but he has ideas!

10:08--I want to live in Mood fabric. I also want to learn to sew on a machine. I can only hand sew. People keep telling me that I can learn to use a sewing machine and drive a stick but each time someone lends me their "machine" to use...I always break it.

Christian "if i was diva my name would be Feroush"

10:09: Chris is making a cell phone tower from the shoulders up and just said he is calling into Alysa's planet. So true: She was crazy and a great "show" = spitting on fabric, sewing on herself, but I think this would have been her challenge. All of her stuff was avant garde lite (that is like Miller lite but less delicious or as Christian would say deloush)

10:10--Rami just foreshadowed his down fall: "Sweet Pea said she can make trousers"...well that means she can't!
Sweet Pea does see right, he is a bit of a dragon lady boss!

---commercial break---phone call from brother in law

10:16--Sweet Pea claims dyslexia, which I claim as well, which makes me like her!
Rami is totally running roughshod over her. Wonder if that will bight one of them on the toucas

10:17--Surprise from Tim
"another look on the runway"--now they must make a ready to wear look that has the essence of the avant garde piece

Holy peet! that is a big and tall order

10:18--caucusing and maniacal laughing from Chris and fretting from the anal type-A girl's group of Victorya and whats-her-face-curly-hair.

10:19--Once again: Sweet Pea badgered!

10:20--curly hair girl is named Jillian...whoops

10:20--KW is commenting on Sweet Pea's hardcore cross tat on her shoulder. I told him, "no way, Jose." He has been talking about that for awhile. I always think that it will be a misshapen horror in 20-30 years.

10:21--So Rami is the new Santino: too much stuff!

10:21--the apron-little house on the prairie dress looks kinda pretty!
Type-A girl squad: fretting about Victorya having immunity (yeah, I'd worry about that too--however, I think that Jillian aka. curly hair type A, has always reminded me of Season 3 finalist Laura. She is KW's fav. Yeah, I have totally indoctrinated him.

10:22--Christian showing how to walk. He reminds me of a 13 year old girl I used to babysit...KW: "what a little b*tch."

10:23--Rami v. Sweet Pea; I'm totally team Sweet Pea. She is so sensitive and sweet (as her name implies)...I get her!

I think live blogging is giving me carpel tunnel (How, do you do this Lea!)

---commercial break---

10;28--New guest: Nathaniel Hawkins--Tresemee hairstylist! Now they are making the crazy hair more every day
New reward: The winning looks will be in Elle magazine!

FYI those models are so tall and thin: SHOCK! but still

10:30--Tim is dubious about Christian and Chris' design. I am excited to see it!

10:31--Tim is telling the non-crying Ricki and Kit to make it more and etc.

10:32--Rami is fighting with Tim and Sweet Pea (Tim is saying that Rami's idea isn't avant garde enough!!!)
Type A group: The coat looks good to Tim...but it looks semi Janet Jackson...KW thinks it looks like a vampire coat!

Christian looks like an emo waiter-flock o' seagulls-INXS preteen! OMG!

10:34--Here goes the frantic--making it work!
Product placement ****tresemee**** Tresemee****TRESEMEE****

10:35--FYI. Christian always prophesizes his victory. LIKE EVERY WEEK BEFORE!
Type A Team is calling themselves Team Last Minute! That is like calling me Princess Sarcasm

--Commercial break--*looks like Ricki cries on the runway!!! YES!

10:41--Here comes the runway:
Heidi's dress is not my fav. It looks like Alysa's Hersey dress, aka "sad brown sack."

10:42--Runway Time: Rami---looks like something a two year wears in dress up
Love the every day look of Sweet Pea!!! Yea!

Chris/tian: LOVE IT! So crazy! and the every day look is really really nice. I am happy

Kit/Ricki: I like the dress but it looks a little plantation. The every day is cute but nothing special

Team Type A: The Jacket is crazy awesome! I love the lining. The ready to wear is fine but blah in comparison

10:45--Teams that are low--Kit and Ricki and Rami and Sweet Pea

Teams that are high--Type A and Team Fabuloush

10:46--45 yards of fabric!!! That is NUTS! on Christian/chris' dress

swanyee? What does that mean? micheal kors you don't make sense 50% of the time

Type A looks good....blugh! those are the girls I hated in school. They were so high strung and no fun and mean but still did great

10:48--The LOSERS:

Kors got it right: they were arm wrestling the whole time and it showed (in Rami's case)

10:49--They saw the Scarlett O'Hara thing too. They think it looks not well made...Okay I can see it. It is less wowing than I thought. I'm disappointed. And the everyday looks like a cut out of a pillowcase.

10:51--sad they thought it looked ametuer...I hope that it isn't Kit

--commercial and Penny lovin' break--

10:58--YEAH Christian and Chris WON!!! Christian gets immunity, but Chris can rise from the dead (so to speak)
Kdubs is peeved.

RICKI is IN!?!?!?! WTF!?! He designed the worst part. Sweet Pea is safe though. WHew

I think it will be Kit, she hasn't done anything great. Rami has won several in the past.

10:59--I hope it isn't kit....but of course she is! That blows! Should have been the crier, Ricki!!

11:00--I like her but she wasn't anything fabulous. She was just nice and decent.

Oh well, next week: Are they doing trash again!!?!!?! I doubt it cause Christian says "awesome." Ricki cries again. See you then

***sorry, for the long post. It was my first foray into on-time bloggin*** I'm no Killa, but I can always try.

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