Friday, January 11, 2008

Memory Making: 4th Anniversary *Updated

So we made it to our 4th Anniversary, and I am not going to kid everybody and say that married life is effortless and blissful. No, fortunately, KW is a huge pain in the rear, but a good kind of pain like good work out sore.
***Updated: I forgot this sentence--But I love him very much and would hate for that pain from growing and learning together to ever go away***
We have done a lot this year, and we both realized last night that we don't remember everything. Mostly because we don't have the blog to reference. So this is at least a good run down of our 4th anniversary.

We went to a kick butt wine bar and restraunt downtown: Vinology.

Although downtown is only a few miles away, we never go down there because parking is not super convenient, there is no Metro to take us there, and it is butt freezing cold. So it was a big deal for us to go.

Recently, KW and I have been getting into trying different wine. We used to just pick up the cheapest there was. Now we pick up the cheapest but something we haven't tried. I also took a wine tasting class over Christmas with my parents and found it really interesting. KW has had this interest before because of his old boss. He also has a new subscription to Wine Spectator Magazine to help us along.

Needless to say, we were excited to try wine that was already okayed by the restraunt and served by the glass.

We started out with a viognier (white wine, lighter than chardonnay but not as green as a pinot). It was delicious. I am a devoted chardonnay girl, but this was much better. I may be a convert.

We then had a cabernet sauvignon, which wasn't spectacular. KW thought it was equivical to the cheap stuff we get on sale.

Next was a red whose name I couldn't remember but it was good, and a white wine called a Pecorino. Now I thought that was a cheese, but it was one of the best wines I have ever had.

Finally we got a mini bottle of champagne that Ken didn't like but I did (so I got to drink it all!).

Over all it was really fun, the wine menu had a lot of fun facts and quizzes about wine and wine making, and at the end Ken suprised me with a wine tasting class at Vinology in March!

I know this is probably making me seem like a wine snob...I promise I'm not. I will never be the type to drink $40-400 bottles of wine, I just can't do it. But maybe I'll step up from $5 to $9...hey and I think 3 Buck Chuck is mighty tasty.


Robin said...

The only down side to wine tastings is I'm usually liking EVERYTHING by the last sample, lol. Which might be the up side, too ;).

Happiest of anniversaries to you, and I didn't think you sounded like a wine snob at all. Then again, in another life, I'd love to be a sommolier :/. Our favorite bottle of "nice" wine, one of the few we REMEMBER is Rodney Strong Pinot's a bit pricey ($25) but is consistenty smooth and I never get a headache after.

OOooo, one of my favorite bloggers lives near Ann Arbor (used to live there): Ragamuffin Diva. Ever heard of her? She has five books to be published this year (busy girl).

Leigh said...


Erin said...

My husband and I LOVE to go wine tasting. It is very easy to do that out here. We can go north to other parts of WA, or south to OR. It's just fabulous!

Thanks for saying hey, and happy 4th anniversary!