Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes, you are right Mrs. Huckaby

My good friend and sorority sister from old FU mentioned this about my last post:

Does it make you feel better that even though I am a mommy blogger, in my real life I have never felt like I really quite fit anywhere? I don't feel badly about not fitting neatly into compartments though. In fact, I sort of like that about myself. I feel like it allows me to relate a little bit better to all sorts of people. I bet this is true of you too.

And she is right, I do feel that way. My whole reason for saying that was to sort of apologize for the three of you who check on me sometimes that I don't have a funny silly posts about adorable mini-mes nor do I write clever and witty exposes about what is going on in the world. But what you do get: me and some random musings for a pretty good

*and that is Huckaby with a Y not two Es to confuse you politically up to date readers

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McNulty Quads said...


Thank you for the very kind note/post on our site!

Couldn't agree more with your blog today - freedom of expression through blogs is great. Think yours is very entertaining as well! Babies and humor are great, but there's much more to the world.

Thank you again, keep us posted!

The McNultys