Monday, April 23, 2007

What else can I find in my photolog

Stephanie lost on the desert island that is her bed!

Patty and Mike looking cute on her birthday!

Patty Pat stealing the camera for a self portrait (in case you were wondering, I have 18 of this shot obviously this was after a few drinks)

Steph and me doing our thing after a lot of dancing and a few good drinks. Watch out Nacho bar at the 7-11, here we come.

Me and Patterson. Me looking huge and goofy and Patty looking tiny and goofy. She claims she is sitting down, but we all know the truth: I am a Giganitor. Watch out small tiny Japenese villagers...

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Soul Roomie said...

God bless the nacho bar!! Although its just not the same without you. Thanks for updating the blog- LOVE IT!