Monday, April 23, 2007

So tardiness becomes me

Well I did it again folks. I left you for awhile but this time I totally blame the world of electronics. KW's miracle Mac won't upload pictures and I find myself very uninspired to blog without pictures. You know how it is you get blogger to upload the pictures you refresh and they are gone. Do that about 20 times and you have the frustrating breakdown that sends me running to the couch with a diet coke to pout. But I have come to terms with my hatred of the Mac, and I am giving it the old post-college, out-of-work try.

The other thing I have going against me is that my wireless is out (has been since Christmas)...which is why blogging is sparce [is sparce a word: I think i combined scarce and spare? who knows, its not like I am s-m-r-t] I hate sitting in KW's dark cave of an office (which he says is good to study in, but it sucks all the creative-witty juices out of you that make me the blogger and friend that you have come to know and love.

So no promises of regular blogging, but I will try.

I also am going to try and post the 100s of pictures that I have tried to post before. Gasp of breath...Leg in run position ala Looney Tunes character...AND HERE WE GO!

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