Monday, April 23, 2007

New Puppy for Bo

My little brother, Bo, is getting a puppy this week. He has asked my opinion (mainly because I was going to anyways) on what he should call the dog. He is a 3 year old beagle. He is not a puppy but we call all dogs that are cute, puppies. Sorry, Pitbulls, even at 3 months old you will never be a puppy...just scary. Here is a pic. What do you think he should be called. Here is his top ten names...I have added a few cause I can.

1) Duke
2) Winston
3) Bruno
4) Frank
5) Huck
6) Walter
7) Jack
8) Dusty
9) Otis

I think Cooper or Winslow would be good as well


Anonymous said...

Huck, of course :) I'm glad you're back, Roaming Southerner. I was feeling neglected (not really, just running a little guilt trip on you, he he he).

Curtis said...

what a cute pup!

i like (Special Agent Dale) Cooper. dogs always have to have multiple names.

Ours is Allie Wiggles Callaway

Mers said...

Is this "the" dog??