Saturday, October 28, 2006

Story of our Past: The Rings

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't had much inspiration to blog. Someone said to me, "use the blog as a place to record your memories." So if you have heard this before, I'm sorry. If not then you will find out something new about us.

We picked our rings from the same guy that KW got my engagement ring. The funny part of our story comes from our engravers. The woman helping us get our engravings asked KW, "what do you want to put in her ring?" He said "By Your Side 01-10-04." She asked what that meant, and he said it was the title to our first dance (Sade's By Your Side). That definately illicated an "ohhh." He went into a long explanation and spelling each word properly.

She then turned to me and said, "what about his ring?' And I said quickly, "Mine." She blinked and said, "Excuse me?" and I said again, "Mine, M-I-N-E" she laughed and said, "can I ask, "why?""

The story behind Mine is two-fold:
1.) one of our readings for our wedding mass said, "I am my beloved and he is MINE."

2.) since we started to dating, I would always hug him and say "Not yours, MINE!" It seems very possesive but when you find out that I started saying this because my dog, Jake, would come up and hump Ken's leg. So I would push him away and say, "No Jake, not yours, Mine."

We laugh about it now, and MINE has become our catch phrase.
Yeah, we're dorks.

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Mieneke said...

Awwww, that is SO sweet! Wish Paddy was that romantic!

(Had a LOL moment when I read about the dog!!)